Whilst Being Engulfed By My Ego
♪ Yuuhei Satelite Power is a sign of unhappiness I was shaken by those small words… Emotions are nothing but mistakes – I only realised it afterwards. Those hindrances, who I tear to pieces with these claws, Hesitate and grow blurry through one form of encountering me. My grudges form chains, and become chaos. I wonder, for what purpose
Do we wound each other today, as well? Justice is something to clash against. I can do naught but lament this contradiction. Is forgiving each other justice? Running away… is that peace? Killing my heart, and pitying… Though their meanings differ, their results are the same. I don’t want to know that grudges are ‘justice,’ Because sadness is unexpected, and vicious. I want to protect it so much
I could sacrifice others… So my dream would be granted,
I pretended I had forgotten. The serenity I have obtained…
Does it have value? Whilst being engulfed by my ego,
I love you… Whilst Being Engulfed By My Ego
♪ Yuuhei Satelite