✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Drum Set

How to make a Working Drum Set. Today, I’ll show you how to make a cool-looking drum set that let’s you play your own beat! You can choose the material for the drum set yourself, I’m using birch… These are the cymbals. Those are the drums. This is basically what the drum set itself is going to look like… This is basically what the drum set looks like… Let’s add a chair for you to sit on! To get the best-looking chair, I’ll be using a helmet on an armor stand.. This lever is supposed to look like the bass drum foot pedal.. Cool, huh? Now let’s make it work! First, make room for a bunch of stuff below.. Add a piston below the bass drum. The lever should be able to activate it. This part will generate a pulse when you activate the lever.. Now it’s time to make your own beat using the noteblocks! 🙂 Use delays and customize the sounds of all the noteblocks. Now we can take a listen. A very basic beat! Tune it a bit till you’re satisfied with the result. You can turn the beat on and off using the lever. Because of the way we set it up, we can use loops to create endless beats! 😀 You can rename some levers and you will have yourself some drum sticks! Leave a like if you want me to design more instruments! 🙂 Remember, you can make any eat, it dosen’t need to be this boring! I will show you a few, I’ve been practicing my drumming skills! Some players can create the most amazing noteblock loops. These were made by grande1899, he makes tons of noteblock songs! The songs you can play can be of almost any length you’d like. The rest of my video overview of the build! I hope you enjoyed this video! Layer 1 (sort of) Layer 2 (sort of) Layer 3 (sort of) Layer 4 (sort of)