10 Best YouTube Music Tracks [2019]

Professionally-made background tracks can do for YouTube videos what The Sound of Music did for hills. Strap yourself in for the 10 best YouTube music tracks for 2019. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find the link in the description. Number ten. Hip Hop Travel Vlog by guitarsstate kicks us off with a funky fresh ensemble of horns and glitchy vocal samples that would make old-school Kanye tip his shutter shades in admiration. If you’re going for a laidback but classy feel with your travel, urban or sports video, this tune will do you right. Number nine. Chill House by FortyTwoStudio will pluck you out of your stuffy office or living room and gently lower you into a lounge chair on a beach in Tahiti. Or maybe Bora Bora. Whatever island you wanna go to, it’ll bring you there. Load up this atmospheric track to complement footage with a tropical or 80s theme. Number eight. Listening to EDM Fitness Motivation by LoopsLab for fifteen minutes a day has been proven to cut fat and increase lean muscle mass by 20% within just two weeks. Ok that’s a lie. But this is undeniably an awesome track for fitness and extreme sports videos. Number seven. Technology by kornevmusic is what happens when martial artists face off against a SWAT team inside TRON while a drifting contest happens in the background! …At least, that’s what I picture when I close my eyes and listen to it. If you have a futuristic racing scene or a laser tag montage that needs a soundtrack, your search is over. Number six. This one’s pretty straightforward. It’s called Fashion Vlog by Enrize, and as you can hear, it’s fabulous. Drop this phat and sassy track into your photo shoot, runway show, or street style video for an instant hit of red carpet glamour. Number five. If you could bottle the essence of a camping trip, distill out the mosquito bites and sunburn, and then transmute what was left into sound, it would be pretty close to Happy Travels by Antarctic. Cmon, tell me you’re not picturing marshmellows roasting and people walking in slow motion in jean shorts. You’re not? I don’t believe you. Number four. EDM Adventure by LoopsLab is the musical equivalent of a Red Bull and vodka – hard, sweet, and guaranteed to get you moving. Combine this fist-pumping track with your club, festival, or gaming videos and your viewers will be bathed in sweat in seconds. Number three. Remember when you were more concerned about cooties and your Christmas list than about high blood pressure and superintelligent robots taking over the world? Sophonic remembers. Their track Upbeat will carry you straight back to childhood on soothing waves of cheerful acoustic strumming and tinkling melodies – perfect for cooking, arts and crafts, and kid-friendly videos. Number two. Imagine the most pleasantly dulcet bass-driven tune you can think of. Now add a piano and a synthesizer. Now double it. That in a nutshell is Music For YouTube by Enrize. Its melodic percussion and silver-toned piano notes add up to the ultimate ambient tune for technology, education, and corporate videos. Number one. If Pewdiepie, Casey Neistat and Dude Perfect were all Frankensteined into one super-vlogger, its theme song would likely be Vlog Master by LoopsLab. Epic travels, gaming exploits, unboxings, creative quests – you name it, and this song will turn it up to 11. That concludes our stroll through the exalted pantheon of YouTube music tracks. You’ll find links to all of them in the description below. Which tune would you take home to mom? Tell us in the comments, hit the like button, and subscribe for more scintillating content from the Envato channel. And if your thirst for listicles hasn’t quite been quenched, we’ve got the 10 Best Royalty Free Music Tracks for ya, up next.