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no I literally just hopped off the phone
with YouTube they just told me the secret sauce to editing this secret the
key the best way to make edits you know what it is
subscribing to my channel that’s literally a tropical like and subscribe
you still don’t believe me I’ll show you my edit right now the one I just made
you take a look they should be passing out on GG nigga
only good ain’t they – Ichi a painter thanks to this and I’m making a day one ladies and gentlemen we’ve made it yeah
so finally monetize for you I think I’ve been on this channel for two years but
if you guys didn’t know I had an another channel which was not editing based but
it was more the same way of feeling right now yeah so um was not editing
based but it was more entertainment based all right it was more like you
know skits and then challenges and stuff so I’ve been doing this since freshman
year of high school and yeah I graduated this year so it’s nothing glamorous but
it’s it just feels good to finally be monetized because I can finally say I’m
a youtuber alright we made it we made it to the hills right over here only dubs
only bangers so for that special occasion I decided to take my part and
my path and after hours and hours and hours of editing and composing presets I
have officially made one of the best and most banging impacts for music video
presets on YouTube in the world that anyone has ever seen on this channel
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my channel where are you at like come on listen on there I’m gonna start you know
posting good translation boring listen so we’re on my computer right now imma
when you guys to listen one question that
you’ll get a lot is people ask me how do you download my presets I didn’t know I
made it hard but listen I’ll teach you guys and for that one person who dislike
that video I’m gonna find out who you are don’t dislike my video look that one
dislike made it so we couldn’t hit 120 that hurts you know like I mean banger
content listen okay go over here to the where the download is right here it’s
just a Google Drive you click on it done you click download and it downloads
double click on it and there there are your presets obviously this isn’t it
this is a whole different thing but this is from my last video but that’s exactly
the same process Josie you guys don’t get confused now that you follow along
let’s go to from your pro so I have everything already open the same way I
wanted it like the same way you know untouched you guys obviously saw that
added version but this is untouched exactly how you guys are gonna see it so
the way you import your presets is you go to the effects tab right here windows
effects click these three lines not adidas but three lines import presets
and they’re all here now I did you guys a favor of putting it
as a whole pack is just called dreamy at its Bangor and if you click that you’ll
import them all or if you know you’re watching the video and you’re like some
of these suck which they shouldn’t because they’re only bangers you can
import one on you know a solo that’s why called a solo one by one if you’d like
to whatever makes you happy alright now once you got that done you got all my
transitions right here now I’m a room down try to explain them to you first
one is first we got this one is this pixel distortion now to make this a
little faster because I noticed that when I threw it in it was a it was
slowed down and look when I slowed down but I have it that when you drop the
preset in they’ll match the composition of your video so if your video for some
reason is this long it will match it so that the keyframes will spread out
between that so the way to fix that is simple if you’re gonna throw the fake on
the first few seconds of this alright you’re gonna cut it
the part you want and then you throw it on alright that’s it
it’s nothing complicated that’s that’s it
now let me go back okay so that one’s there the way you shrink them up is this
one it’s easier once you understand what’s going on here
so look nothing’s going on here then it starts to go up so these are the ones
you can move so if I move in these if I spread these out here let me highlight
them and spread them out it takes longer for the pixel pixel distortion to come
up when I make it even closer it goes even faster so you can speed it up slow
it down depending on if your tempo of your your edit is a lot faster over it’s
a lot slower next one this echo effect nothing needs to be done here it’s
literally an echo effect you guys can change these echo properties I found
that ad is just too bright maximum works best the rest I just felt like it didn’t
match it up obviously this don’t try to go for something crazy and this right
here the echo time is how you slow it down like set the echo speed so if I set
this up you guys will see the echo is like really far ahead so if I play this
back it doesn’t even match with the guy’s head so I tried my best to line it
up as best as possible I found that negative 0.07 new works if
you want to change it and tweak it up just mess with the seven change it to 9
a 10 whatever you want don’t go any higher it’ll just not make it look like
an echo with that being said that’s the echo effect there’s no keyframes for
this one it’s literally just the effect and the best settings possible this
trace 1 is a really really good one I’m really proud of it but I didn’t make it
but I just ended up tweaking out the effects it’s called the Paint Bucket
it’s already in Premiere Pro all I did was tweaking a little bit to work the
best you can hear you can change the colors to anything you want green all I
did was set it to color stroke and this is another effect I have in here I’ll
show you guys here I know is this one it’s the same it’s the same Paint Bucket
effect just that instead of the trace it’s more of the paint so look it’s
we’re spread so instead of spread I have it a stroke you can send it a color
feather feathers out obviously but it throws on the whole color stroke works
the best this is your fill points tolerance and your stroke width I’ll
think you want the lines this one is oh the twirl
now this one’s the same thing self-explanatory to drag and drop but if
you want to set it faster move it in obviously if I move these out just to
show you as an example it will be super super slow and and take forever to go
back to its regular form remember to always highlight them all the I saw
they’re only highlighted this the VR but you also want the blur to add that
little extra layer of sauce next one is let’s see oh is this one zoom out I just
called it on what was the replicate the replicate effect right self-explanatory
this one the problem that I had was again if your video is too long it’s
gonna be dragged out as well so my best thing my best advice would be to cut it
short cut the part you wanted drag and drop it or just animate the keyframes
and move them in that either won’t work so to speed them up you can highlight
these all move them in highlight the last these right here just make sure
which ones you’re highlighting so you don’t mess up with this end and there
you guys will see you now look I play this back from where it starts it’ll go
a lot faster than the way it was going before which was moored right now so
just keep that in mind if that does get annoying and you just don’t you just
can’t stand having to fix the keyframes and you just want it really quick this
is this is where it’s a live say alright come over here
select all save preset and then they make replicas fast click OK and it’ll
give you a preset just for that so we’ll take the preset I made which is every
all effects say they’re just that instead of me being a lot dragged out
you’ll make it a lot slower and one thing to keep in mind never or
don’t ever but just if you want it to be an in like a zoom in or zoom out so
let’s say you want this to start at the beginning of the clip anchor in and
crowd us for the out we’ll go directly to the end of the clip scale like I said
you it’s all it’s more it’s easier to edit if you want you can animate the
keyframes a lot easier because it’ll just spread them out the next one is
this rainbow rainbow glitch effect this was pretty good I like this one I mean
here everything’s good to go all you can do is over here come to where the where
is it where this is the blending mode and you can set this or whatever you
want I found that exclusion works the best it
gives it this negative effect if that makes sense like an invert of fact and
it looks tough moving on this flicker effect just remember to use an
adjustment layer when you use an adjustment layer projects adjustment
layers you get to go and then for this one the simple paint effect you can
choose your color over here and you get to go
well that’s seen it today what I just taught you guys there let’s head back to
my camera download is down below now let’s go and with this we’re done but
yep that’s it that’s the whole video for today I hope you guys did enjoy if you
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good upload schedule I know I say this all the time
translation boring