10 Surprising Facts About Tomorrowland Music Festival

Music festivals come in all different shapes and sizes and range from different styles of music from rock to pop to blues to even electronic and today here on FTD facts We are gonna look at one of the biggest electronic festivals on the planet which is known as Tomorrowland. Hey Everybody what’s going on Dave Walpole here and welcome to have two new facts a channel where we talk about people cultures and places from All around the world now today. We’re talking about Tomorrowland This is the first video that we’ve ever talked about a music festival and the reason we’re talking about it is because well I’ve done a lot of videos on Belgium and well when I found out about this festival is like Yeah, we got to talk about this thing because this thing is crazy crazier than my do but either way Let’s get into it and before I get in this I want to let you guys know about grammar lucam these guys are our sponsor I’ll talk about that at the end of this video and of course I want to know what is your favorite concert that you’ve ever been to me. I’ve seen Aerosmith like four times I’ve seen the Rolling Stones I’ve seen BB King and I can’t really say which one is my favorite, but I want to know yours down there cool Let’s get started so starting with number one size Tomorrowland has been known as the largest EDM festival in the world now usually you will see approximately 140 to 180,000 people attending this festival, but over the years, it’s grown much more because for 2014 they had over 360,000 people attend and this concert is so big that they actually have to get exclusive air travel from 15 different cities from around the world and Even air Brussels has approximately 180 flights going to the city and to give you an idea of how big it is in 2017 they had over 400,000 people attend number choose sold-out now This is an EDM festival that has broken records when it comes to its tickets selling out because they’ve sold out in minutes two hours For example in 2012 free sale tickets went on sale and were sold out within minutes With two million people being put on the waiting list However when the rest of the tickets went officially on sale on April 7th They were sold out in 43 minutes and by 2013 it sold out in one second for general admission number three humble beginnings now use a concert that started back in 2005 and had only 9,000 people attend and to get the whole ball rolling and to get people talking about this concert in 2005 the tickets were completely free and because of that the company that promoted the thing lost approximately 150,000 euros number for djs djs djs in 2008 it finally broke its record of having over a hundred djs playing for 50000 people, but nowadays They have over 400 DJ’s playing to much bigger crowds and on multiple stages Number five bleeding eyes now the crazy thing about this whole concert is the light shows and the fireworks They’re just impressive they spend millions of dollars just to make things look amazing but in 2009 the organisers I DNT accepted the use of high-intensity lights and these were so intense that multiple people Actually complained about having bleeding eyes because the lights were hurting them although people tried to sue ID&T They did find that the fault was left on the lighting company number 6 the underground tunnel now of course Yeah when having a big show like this you got to figure out where to put all your cables so people don’t trip over it because Yeah, people are gonna drink, and you don’t want like the stage to grow up because somebody knocked over a power cable But as this concert grow to solve their problem They installed a hundred-foot underground tunnel that goes from the stage to the tech booth number 7 Don’t mess with the yard so since 2009 Tomorrowland has had a new theme each year and within that theme They have art installations all around Tomorrowland and its lodging area dreamville But the thing is you should not touch or even mess with the art installations because if you do and you get seen You are kicked out of the festival for the rest of the days number 8. No drugs now although at ADM festivals You’ll usually hear or see someone dropping an acid or doing something illegal however Tomorrowland has a very strict policy on drugs and tries its hardest to keep drugs out of the concert and just like most festivals You’ll have people doing the pat-down checking bags doing all that sort of stuff and although they do have a beefed up security There still may be the occasional addict that wants to smuggle something in number 9 the pre-party so in Brussels the day before the concert There is a pre-party at the famous Grand Place by the way is one of the most scenic and beautiful Squares in all of Europe, it’s got a lot of history as well And not only are the bars open and they put flags welcoming people from all different nations There is also a pre-opening party called The Gathering which happens at a place called boom which is in the lodging area of dreamville? And number 10 amenities now just because this music festival goes on for two weekends the great thing Is there are packages that you can do besides just party for example at Tomorrowland? They have their very own library you have options of going skiing. I mean dude. You’re in Belgium like you’re not gonna. Go skiing That’s kind of crazy and heck There is even a Church of love where you can get greeted by two nuns And they’ll do small things like your nails or even allow you to have sex with them So that’s kind of nice right either way that is us Just looking at Tomorrowland a festival that is Crazier than most so are you gonna go to this let us know down there in the comments section below My name’s Dave Allen guys. Thank you so much for learning about Tomorrowland. I’m not gonna lie when I read about this I’m like I’m not really into EDM music But I just think it’s so crazy that I’d actually love to go and check this place out because it’s feels like you know It’s not dream. Bell. It’s like a dream. It’s like you know almost like Disney World for EDM people It’s crazy And just to let you guys know this video has been brought to you by Grandma lucam the link for them is in the description Box below feel free to check them out They improve your English all at the click of a button and on top of that guys before you get out of here Why don’t you leave a suggestion for a future up to the facts video down there in the comment section below or just? Hit me up on Instagram the link for that is in the description box But also in the description box is our playlists And you guys should check them out because it’s really great to learn about different things and different places and cultures from around the world You’ll really like learning from these videos, but other than that. I’m Dave waffle, and we’ll see you guys in the next video cool. 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