10 Ways To Become A Musical Legend | Rachel Parris’s Life Lesson

Hello. I’m Rachel Parris, and welcome to my Level 10
piano masterclass. WHISPERS: Right. Er…there’s been
some kind of misunderstanding. I don’t teach kids.
I teach professionals. I taught Jamie Cullum. Do you want to give it a go? No?
Give it a go? All right. CHILD PLAYS TENTATIVELY So we’re going to talk about
the do’s and don’t of the piano with Olivia, who is…
WHISPERS: Six. ..six! The most important thing to start
off with on the piano, Mabel, is that you have
a nice straight back. Great. OK. So if you look at
what Mabel’s doing there, that’s dead wrong. Do the opposite. The notes on the piano
go from A to G, A to G, A to G, in a relentless musical
cycle that we’re all trapped in. Let’s just check
we’ve got the basics. SHE PLAYS SCALES OK, so let’s just try that.
Let’s have a go. In your own time. PLAYS RANDOM NOTES WHIPSERS: I did have a try. In an act of sheer desperation, we’re now going to
attempt the clarinet. Great! And just blow. PUFF OF AIR I mean, that was no sound,
that was no sound at all. Let’s try this one more time. No ruse at all –
you’re doing really well. HE PLAYS A NOTE OK. Let’s just take this away
and burn it on a fire. HE PLAYS NOTES OK, so, it’s taken a while, but I think we’ve pretty much
got it now. Take it away. HE PLAYS “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little
Star” BUT MISSES THE LAST NOTE WHISPERS: Well, that was my masterclass, and I really hope