2 voix – Gymel en tierces inférieures

Hello everybody! Today, we are going to improvise a gymel in lower thirds. To this effect, we shall take as a cantus firmus – that is as the basic melody – the song from the Chansonnier of Bayeux « Puisque Robin j’ay a nom ». Lise and Marie are going to sing the beginning of this melody at the unison Then Marie will carry on with the cantus firmus while Lise will improvise the gymel. How to do a gymel in lower thirds ? You shall begin with the unison, or with the third, and then make thirds below each note of the melody… As you have just heard, it is pleasant to make beautiful cadences. Whenever the written melody, at the end of the musical phrase, goes into a descending stepwise movement, called « tenor cadence »… … the improvisor can make a cadence by leaving the third to reach the unison. To do this, he goes into an upward stepwise movement called « soprano cadence ». It is often pleasant to have this cadence follow a syncopation, in this way which causes a delightful dissonance of second. In some cases, you must not forget to add, if necessary, an alteration at the last note but one. To make a beautiful cadence, indeed, you must reach the unison through the minor third. It’s your turn now !