20 Minute Guitar Practice Routine for Beginners (Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 lesson 7)

Hiya guys. In this lesson, I’m talking you through my absolute beginner’s practice routine for level one of my beginner’s course. Now the main point of this practice routine is: we don’t wanna be practising guitar too long. But we also don’t wanna leave it too long between lessons either. So, what I’m recommending is 20 minutes as close to every day as possible. And if you pick up your guitar every day, your callouses will develop, and your fingers won’t hurt as much…. and you’ll build the right habits to make you succeed in whatever goals you have playing your guitar. If you only play your guitar for two hours once a week on a Sunday, for example, you’re not gonna make that same progress…. and you’re not gonna get as much out of, certainly, taking my course. So, little and often is the real trick. If you’re really keen, I would recommend splitting it up and having a bit of a rest in between. So do 20 minutes and then have a break…. for a certain amount of time and come back to it the same evening, for example, would be ideal. And what I’d recommend is walking through the chord practice that we’ve done, first of all. So our E Major and then A Major chords, working on the changes between them but really trying to memorise these chords…. and the names of them so that you don’t have to look at the notes or watch this video, for example, you’ve really internalised it and…. your fingers have begun to just end up going to the right place when you think of that E chord. And, as I say, that’s a habit that you will develop… over the coming days. Of course, we then wanna do our rhythm practice and playing on the beat, and getting used to spreads. And that will enable you to go through the three chord sequences that I’ve just taken you through. Each one of those then leads on to a song. So you can choose one of those songs or you can go onto any of the other songs that are…. already on my website. So we wanna get 1, 2 or maybe even 3 songs at this level. And if you have an electric guitar, that’s all good. We got some electric guitar songs that are filmed on the website already, that really… make the most of the amplifier and overdrive and effects that electric guitars have. For acoustic, it has to be said, you’ve probably got more options at this stage because everything is kinda starts with beginners on acoustic. But for electric guitars you can always just take off the gain and you’ve got practically a clean, acoustic guitar there if you’re on the clean…. channel on your amplifier. So just to make it perfectly, the three songs I would massively recommend that you look at, at this level: ‘For What It’s Worth’… by Buffalo Springfield, Silence is Easy by Starsailor and Love Me Do by The Beatles. Those lessons will take you through the bare essentials, the core essentials, and enable us to do all the things we need to get you up to Level… Two and progress on from here. You can pick any of the other songs, but they might not cover those exact same things depending on which things you choose. So at least cover one of those, if not all three. But you don’t have to do all ten songs per level, for example, because you’re better off…. getting more chords and more strumming patterns from the higher levels, basically. So your goals for this level are essentially to know your E and the A chord from memory, have a good change in between them, be able to…. those chord sequences at an even pace but also at your own pace. And then to really have a go at a couple of the songs, you know two or three.. songs from this level is absolutely fine, and then you can move on to Level Two.