20th Annual Edenton Music and Water Festival

[emotional peaceful music] – [Narrator] A variety of
local music fills the air at the annual Edenton
Music and Water Festival. But music is just the added
value. Visiting Edenton is something
to look forward to any time. On Music and Water Festival
Weekend, there are some great
opportunities for land lovers to sample the
water. [murmuring] Stay dry and take a tour
of the Edenton waterfront in Liber-Tea, a calming electric
boat ride with friendly stories and
conversation from the captain, Mark Thaser. The Liber-Tea will be giving free boat rides all day
Saturday. But if you’d rather propel it
yourself, this is a great time
to sample some kayaks, paddleboards. – [Man] How does it handle? – [Man] It handles fine! – [Narrator] The sparkling
waters here are endless, and the supply of free boat
usage is pretty good, too. – We’ve got all our kayaks and paddle boards out here to
try out. We have everything from your
recreational paddle kayaks to your fishing kayaks, from
your regular paddle boards to your pedal-drive paddle
boards. We’ve got it all. There’s somethin’ for
everybody to try out. – [Narrator] Just a quarter
of a mile down Water Street, kayakers can take a sunset
cruise. It’s a little bit more
adventurous and a little quieter than
the main festival area. – That’s probably my
perspective. My wife and I paddle board, we
sail. We really experience the water. We learned how to paddle
board two years ago here at the Edenton
Music and Water Festival, and I think I’ve paddled
over a thousand miles on paddle boards now. – [Narrator] Sammy Cox is
also a wooden boat builder. He and some of his
friends love to talk shop and to make new friends at the
Wooden Boat Show on Saturday. – We’re sort of celebrating the
culture of boat building, and the use of
skiffs, and boats that are
indigenous to this area. Part of our emphasis here is the
heritage or the culture of the area,
the water that we live around. – [Narrator] Mr. Cox
is a relative newcomer to the Edenton area, having
moved here from Asheville just a few years
ago. Since moving to the Albemarle
Sound, he’s taken up more than
just boat building. He outfits them, too. – Well, I have a background
in heritage crafts. I’m a white oak basket maker,
broom maker, spoon maker, bark basket maker, and I’ve
demonstrated for living histories
for the last 30 years. So I wanted to learn a
craft that was indigenous to the area I now reside
in on the Albemarle Sound. This is basically a crown
knot that we continue. I started here and spiraled
upward. You can make these different
thicknesses just by continuing your weave. [energetic soulful music] – [Narrator] The Edenton
Music and Water Festival offers plenty of activities
and tours on the water and off. But if catching a lounge
chair and some music is more your speed, you will be
pleased. This is a very nice time
and place to do that. – The 20th Annual Edenton
Music and Water Festival is Friday and Saturday,
May 18th and 19th, and events are free and
open to everyone. For more information, go to their website at
visitedenton.com. For over 200 years, Rocky
Creek in Alexander County