26 Genres of Music in Alphabetical Order #2 (A2Z)

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah *ad-libbing* Yeah She’s my crimson rose, and I’ll never let her go LET’S GO! Let’s Go, Yo (What!) x3 Let’s Go! ROWKAYYYY Let’s go eat the corpses Let’s go and eat that fetus Let’s go eat the corpses of fetuses [Instrumental] [Funky Instrumental] YEAAAA, WE LIGHTED THE FIREEE! Light on Fire [Electronic music] I am your pain, and I am your cyanide, I am your death, but that was implied Kimi wa eien ni, eien ni, boku no taiyou [Forevermore, you are my sun] [Instrumental] Aahhh, yeaahhh [Instrumental] Come on! All the angst inside my brain I can’t stop ‘coz I feel the pain! I will remember the memory ‘Til I- Forget what you heard, I got all the raps a-a-and when I grab the mic, everybody claps Whoaaaa! Rule number one! Break all the rules! Except number one Whoa-oa-oa-oa-oa-oa! [Drums] [Piano] [Bow-wow-wow] [Guitar, Bass] [Electronic music] I asked somebody, and tell em’ “Where ma pants at?” And then I asked someone, and they wonder where ma pants at. [Orchestration] [Violin] Oh, Todo mundo danca (Dance, Everyone) RYAAAAHHH Todo mundo danca (Dance, Everyone) [Saxophone] Hey! Oh, we do the A to Z [A to Z baby] Just you and me [C’mon!] Ohw! Oh Baby! Yeah! Hi! I’m Dave from Boyinaband Hey I’m Andrew Huang! IMMA RAVE M8 We both produce a lot of different types o’ music Check out our channels in the description And SUBSCRIIIIIIBE If you like what you see A – Z Part 1 mo mitte kudasai ne? Bye Bye! [Watch A – Z Part One too, Okay? Bye Bye!]