3 very cool rock guitar licks in E minor

Hey everyone it’s Dan here from playlicksnow.com. Today i have not one but three very cool rock licks for you in the key of E minor so grab your guitar and let’s get started So lick one has a blues-rock feel the second one is an arpeggio tapping lick number three has a rock fusion feel and I’ll be playing them all over the same backing track. Now often in these videos I post the tab and notation on screen however a couple of these links are quite long and just a bit too much to fit on screen without you needing a magnifying glass so if you’re watching this video on youtube there will be a link in the description below that will take you to a page on the Play Licks Now website now there you’ll be able to see this video, all three licks written out in tab and notation as well as the full-length backing track video of the backing track that I’ll be using in this clip to demonstrate the licks over. So if you haven’t done so already click on the link in the description below. Ok so let’s get to it i will play through each lick four times and then I’ll finish off by just playing the licks back to back a couple times. So I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching and I will see you all next time Hmmm, that’s a pretty tasty lick. I might learn that one This guy thinks he’s Eddie Van Halen or something. ….well he’s not Not bad though. So where’s the link for the TAB’s again? Oh yeah, in the description below Ok, one lick to go. Show me what you got! Hmmm, not bad. Lot’s of legato and chromatic notes and stuff Bit too “out there” for my tastes to be honest Do you know any Led Zeppelin?