42 Things You Missed In Split (2016)

Split was one of the coolest movie-going experiences
I’ve ever had. When that ending hit, I just had chills. The energy in the theater was amazing during
that final scene. But it wasn’t until I went back and rewatched
it later that I truly realized how brilliant it was. There were hints about the ending all throughout
the movie. If you want to hear about all of them, then
stick around to the end of this video. I’d recommend watching my Things You Missed
in Unbreakable first, since I will be referencing it. [INTRO] Both Split and Unbreakable open with a birthday
scene. In Unbreakable, it was the birth of Elijah
Price, and in Split, Claire Benoit celebrates her birthday. After the party, her dad offers a ride to
her classmate, Casey Cooke, but he never quite makes it into the car. Last week, I described how David Dunn and
Elijah Price are color coded, with David being associated with green and Elijah being purple. The Horde has their own color too — yellow. It can be seen in Dennis’s handkerchief,
Hedwig’s jacket, the flowers placed around the holding room and at the train station,
the lighting and wall colors throughout the area below maintenance as well as the tiles
above ground at the zoo. In the poster for Glass, the colors of each
character are made clear. There are 24 sets of titles in the opening
and closing credits of Split, one for each of the 24 identities of The Horde. The opening credits also have letters connected
by a vertical line in a way that makes it look like two entries on a timeline, just
as this is the second entry in this series. The accompanying music by West Dylan Thordson
sounds like distorted animal cries. Take a listen. [CLIP] So the girls are kidnapped and put in this
holding room. Claire and Marcia have different ideas about
how to get out than Casey, and the room is vertically split, like the title of the movie,
by this power line to show the divide. Vertical divisions of the frame are also a
technique used a lot in Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic, Psycho. M Night Shyamalan, the director of Split,
lists Hitchcock as a huge influence, he even released a 10 minute video on his appreciation
of Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. There are other Psycho references in Split,
but we’ll get to them when we get to them. Casey tells Marcia to pee herself when Dennis
takes her out of the room — hoping to prevent Dennis from forcing her to do something she
doesn’t want to do. The fact that Dennis is a germaphobe works
in her favor, but that was really just luck. Around this time, one of the other identities,
Barry, reaches out to their psychologist, Dr. Fletcher. She’s got several other emails on the screen. Just as the art department of Unbreakable
had cameos in the newspaper, the crew of Split makes cameos in Dr. Fletcher’s email. Charles S Rowe is credited as a miscellaneous
crew member. John B West, Dominic Catanzarite and John
Rusk were part of the production department. Mitch Campbell, Lucas Andrei, Jennifer Wessner,
Ed Mendez and Bob Lowery all worked visual effects. Skip Lievsay, Bryan Baker, Adam Leach and
Matthew Shapiro were part of the post production team. And Lisa Liberati is James McAvoy’s girlfriend. One of the emails mentions Cezanne, the French
painter, we’ll come back to that later. I love all these movies with just disturbing
pictures in the background. Anyway, Barry comes to see Dr. Fletcher, but
it’s not really Barry. Dr. Fletcher asks if he’s looking for something,
but he’s actually putting the room in order, because it’s really Dennis, the guy with
OCD. Imagine having a disorder within your disorder. Maybe Mr. Glass can relate. “I have something called osteogenesis imperfecta. It’s a genetic disorder.” My name is Dr. Ellie Staple, and I’m a psychiatrist. I specialize in those individuals Who believe they are superheroes. Anyway, the supposed Barry talks about making
a jacket hand printed with newspaper headlines. “That’s supposed to be like a tailored
jacket, but I’m gonna handprint it with newspaper headlines.” I know someone who happens to have a collection
of newspaper headlines. Also in Dr. Fletcher’s office there’s
a picture on the wall of what appears to be a woman looking behind a shower curtain. this
is one of those Psycho references I was talking about. [Clip] After Dennis leaves, Dr. Fletcher goes through
her patient files. The only one that’s legible is this one
on a Mr. Douglass Latreille. As far as I can tell, the name is not relevant,
but the dates on the file range from July 2000 to November 2000. November 2000 is when Unbreakable was released,
and most of the movie is set within these dates, for example the encounter with The
Orange Man in Unbreakable takes place just before October 23rd 2000. She also has a bin labeled ‘Universal Offices’. You can probably guess who produced this movie. Dr. Fletcher visits an art gallery to view
this Cezanne painting, probably the one she received the email about. This piece is called the Bathers. Would it be too much of a stretch to relate
this to David Dunn’s swimming pool accident or fear of water? If you’re answer is yes, that is too much
of a stretch, then fine, but there’s no denying this line from Dr. Fletcher’s associate
Joe, was an intentional clue. “You treat them like they’re supernaturally
gifted, like they have powers or something. Karen, these are patients. They have been through trauma.” Whoa, that’s a good one. I’m curious if any of you picked up on that
the first time through, and at what point did you actually realize this was a sequel. I tried to look for some more clues in Dr.
Fletcher’s notes on the various identities, but I couldn’t really make out anything. I don’t know if this is supposed to be a
joke on that whole trope about doctors having bad handwriting, but I can’t read any of
it, so let’s go back to Casey and the girls. Casey awakes from a flashback and we see her
point of view which is sideways. When I talked about Unbreakable, I examined
the right-side-up vs upside-down shots in that movie, so maybe these sideways shots
in Split are a bit of an in-between. This is also one of the first time we get
a good peek out of the holding room and there’s a container of Barnum Animal Crackers, one
of the earliest clues towards their location being the Philadelphia Zoo. “It took forever to get this place safe
without the nosy-bodys who work here finding out. You can’t get out of here!” Back at Dr. Fletcher’s office, we’ve got
our M Night cameo in the form of this guy who helps Dr. Fletcher review security camera
footage of Dennis deliberately trying to prove that he’s Barry by walking through the trash. When Patricia brings Casey and Marcia into
the kitchen, you can briefly see that they all have different cereal preferences, which
I found to be an interesting detail. One of the things I talked about in Unbreakable
is how we always see Elijah through a glass reflection to represent the fragile nature
of his disorder. We see Elijah though the a reflection each
time he is introduced at a new age. In Split, we see Dennis in the reflection
of this certificate just before he first introduces himself to Dr. Fletcher. There’s another reflection scene later on,
which I’ll come back to. But in this conversation, we find out that
the 24th identity, The Beast, resides away from the other 23 identities in a train yard,
because Kevin’s dad left on a train when he was young, presumably, that was Eastrail
177. Casey convinces Hedwig to show her his room,
which, in another clue about them being under the zoo, is filled with animal posters and
toys. Additionally the song that he famously dances
to in his room is called “Frogbass” by the artist currently known as Snails. [CLIP] And this is actually a pretty good drawing
of Reshiram if that’s what it’s supposed to be. Hedwig shows Casey the walkie talkie that
he stole from Dennis, and Casey uses it to try to call help, but the man on the other
end thinks that it’s just his friend pulling his leg and assures him he still has the orange
headphones. When Casey eventually does get out at the
end of the movie, we do see him listening to the orange headphones before he calls the
police. But, before any of that, there’s a very
important flashback where young Casey holds her abusive Uncle at gunpoint, in a scene
that’s very, very reminiscent of Joseph holding David at gunpoint in Unbreakable. Roll it. “This isn’t funny” “Joseph, what the hell are you doing?” “Is it loaded?” “Joseph did you load that gun?” “Casey”
“Joseph.” “I’m your Uncle.” “Now I am your father…” “Stop it Casey.” “Joseph!” “Put that gun down.” “…and I’m telling you to put
that ******* gun down right now!” “I’m getting upset. I’m about to get very angry!” “You are about to be in big
trouble!” “TWO!” “You could have killed me. These scenes take place at almost the exact
same point in both movies. Maybe one day I’ll do a side by side comparison,
but that sounds like another video. Dr. Fletcher’s concern leads her to try
to talk to The Horde at his home, so she pull up in a taxi. Remember how the Channel 4 news logo in Unbreakable
was very reminiscent of the Fantastic Four logo? Well the letter T in this taxi cab service
is also a reference to the Teen Titans logo. The pieces are all coming together as Dennis
visits the train station to transform into The Beast, and it’s an Amtrak train just
like Eastrail 177. Casey explores The Horde’s computer, and
this is where we see video diarys of each member. One of them is named Norma, which completes
the trifecta of Psycho references, this one referencing Norma Bates. At some point, Dr. Fletcher realizes she probably
won’t make it out alive, but she leaves a note for the captive girls to find. The note is written on a receipt from “Hagenbaugh
Laboratories”. Which is not a thing. BUT, Emily Hagenbaugh is the author of this
superhero book. So you know how the rest goes, Casey has her
confrontation with the Beast, the Beast sees that she too has gone through abuse and lets
her live. Someone finds her and escorts her from the
below maintenance area and the orange headphones guy calls the police. One of the most disturbing things to me, is
that even after all that Casey has been through, she still doesn’t want to go back with her
Uncle at the end. That’s how bad he is. But there’s one more loose end that hasn’t
been tied up. On my end. I mentioned the Unbreakable reference where
we see The Horde in the reflection in Dr. Fletcher’s office, just like those Elijah
Price scenes from the first movie. The final scene with The Horde goes all in
on this, and includes the panning back and forth camera movement, as seen in many of
the scenes of Unbreakable. All the while James Newton Howard’ s Unbreakable
soundtrack slowly transitions in as we cut to the credits and the iconic in-credit scene
and the reveal of David Dunn. I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about
it. Now the stage is set for Glass and I could
not be more excited. So join me next week as I breakdown everything
you might have missed in the conclusion of the Eastrail 177 trilogy. Remember to subscribe to CZsWorld for new
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one. Assuming we both survive.