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hey there oh my Annie here and today I’m
going to share with you six ways to get ready for your first music festival so
you just bought tickets to Coachella Burning Man
EDC Bonnaroo whatever with all that excitement it can be easy to overlook
the essentials so let’s get started number one we’re the right kind of shoes
when people start planning their trips to a music festival they often think
about what they’ll wear well you might be tempted to pack sandals don’t do it
choose comfort over style you’ll be on your feet all day long so you should
wear super durable and comfy sneakers so you don’t end up with blisters and sore
feet number two be prepared for all weather conditions when you’re at an
outdoor music festival it’s crucial that you’re prepared for all kinds of weather
like rain wind and brutal Sun that’s why you should pack items such as an
umbrella SPF 50 plus sunglasses ponchos and a raincoat that way you’ll be
prepared for any kind of weather number three don’t pack valuables music
festivals can get crazy and you don’t want to lose anything so be sure to
leave any valuables at home and only bring things that you wouldn’t mind
getting dirty broken or stolen number four pack cleansing wipes public
restrooms are the only options at large music festivals and spoiler alert
they’re not the cleanest it’s essential to pack cleansing wipes to disinfect
surfaces and keep yourself clean bring two different kinds disinfecting wipes
to sanitize surfaces and cleansing wipes to sanitize your hands
number five bring a water bottle and non-perishable food packing fresh food
for an outdoor music festival is impossible sorry to all you kale
enthusiasts but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave home without plenty of
snacks bring along granola bars trail mix dried fruit nuts and chips also make
sure to pack a reusable water bottle so you can refill it on festival grounds
number six dress for all weather because temperatures can fluctuate a lot from
day to night you should wear clothing that can be
layered pack a variety of tanks long sleeves and hoodies to wear so then if
it gets hot you can take it off and look like a rock star or if it’s cold you can
put it back on and still look like a rock star preparing for your first music
festival can seem daunting but it all comes down to planning everything out
make a list of essential items and pack wisely before embarking on your musical
adventure remember always to choose comfort over style for more awesome
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