7 ‘Dope’ ways to harmonise a Major scale tutorial/ exercises with spanish subtitles

[Music] hi in this video we are going to look at seven ways to harmonize the notes of the major scale the theory behind most of these harmonizations was covered in a previous video the link for which is in the top right hand corner number one the one four five basic if you like harmonization [Music] so that was the basic harmonization just using chords one four and five a perhaps more emotional experience can be achieved by inverting some of these triads see what you think [Music] harmonization two one four and five triads with related secondary dominance added in [Music] this harmonization is colored slightly by the addition of the g7 the 5/7 and d7 the 2/7 also known as the secondary dominant 5 7 2 5 and C 7 1 7 also known as 5 7 of 4 nothing fancy here but the d7 with its non diatonic third F sharp as a nice lift to the proceedings whilst the c7 with its flat seven B flat increases the tension slightly okay harmonization 3 contrary motion you [Music] this country motion harmonization is especially pleasing as the lower line follows the chromatic scale whilst the major scale ascends [Music] this chromatic lower line introduces the four minor into the mix such an important related non diatonic chord that includes the emotional flat six of C major a flat the PDF of these harmonizations in 12 keys is available at jazz duets comm with written piano voicings for anyone interested harmonization for country motion version 2 [Music] this is the same as the previous example except on the Descent the B natural is harmonized with an e7 the 5-7 dominant of AE minor which is followed by a c7 the 1 7 chord that leads so powerfully to called for F major harmonization 5 Stevie Wonder [Music] I call this the Stevie Wonder harmonization as I heard this beautiful chord movement from C to e 11 in Stevie’s tune it’s you featuring Dionne Warwick [Music] and on the Descent the chords are pretty much identical – you are the sunshine of my life here in the original key of B major [Music] harmonization six I call this someday my prince will come stroke Mendelssohn’s wedding march [Music] so the ascending courts are borrowed from some day my prince will come here played by Miles Davis the melody notes here produced ascending are quite lush we have the major seventh on the fmaj7 the Augmented fifth on the a7 the eleventh on the D minor and 13th on the d7 descending the scale the chords are very close to Mendelssohn’s wedding march [Music] harmonizations seven pedal harmony [Music] this is interesting as the pedal note kind of glues chords together that perhaps otherwise might sound non-homogeneous the B diminished seven can be thought of as a substitute for G seven flat nine and the F sharp minor seven flat five sharp four minor seven flat five can be thought of as a substitute for D seven I do hope you found watching the video a profitable use of your time if you would like to support similar such content in the future you can for the price of a cup of coffee by buying the accompanying PDF see the links in the description thanks for watching ciao [Music] you