A Composer’s Christmas | John Rutter

The thing everybody asks me is: do you
listen to Carols at Christmas? And, as a matter of fact, I really do.
I have never grown tired of the music, message and the magic of Christmas. For
me, music is what makes Christmas perfect because in our human world something
always goes a bit wrong with Christmas, but there’s never anything wrong with
the music and that takes us into that lovely ideal realm, where for just a few
days, the voices of the politicians are stilled and we experience the world as
it could be and there’s something about that which I think is very, very special.
Christmas is a time of ritual, I think for most of us, because so much of our
lives are fragmented with every day difference, that it’s nice to have
landmarks where the same sorts of things happen every year. Somebody burns the
turkey, you know, or your auntie gets a little bit tiddly on the sherry and
becomes slightly too talkative, the children get noisy and rip their
presents open at the wrong time. That’s all part of Christmas. So, a very ordinary
Christmas for me, but with the ingredients all firmly in place every
year and I hope it will continue that way for as long as I’m still able to
enjoy it.