A ‘Gilmore Girls’ Musical May Be In Lauren Graham’s Future

– Would you consider doing
a Gilmore Girls musical? Just asking for a friend. – Hmm… (applause) I just wanna see Luke dancing. – Oh my God. I, so I guess it was a
running joke on the show Morning Show where they
assign one of the reporters to cover Gilmore Girls: The Musical and the person is like rolling their eyes because, you know, it seems silly but then there’s discussion
that no, it’s a beloved show. I mean, I always felt that
language and that kind of pace and the way the tone of the
show is very theatrical– – That’s what I was gonna
say, it’s very Broadway. – It is. – It’s constant. – I mean you have to
take a deep long breath before you deliver some of those lines– – Oh those monologues! – They go on and on forever. So I think it’s kind of a good idea. – I think people would love it. – I think, I mean she
loves dance and there’s so much dance always in the show, so, but again as I told
you if you ask me to sing, I’ll just show up. (laughing) So it doesn’t really, we can you know actually
put it on Broadway or in your garage, it doesn’t matter. I’ll do it. You know what, I love that about you. You’re like I can be fancy and low key. – That’s right. – I love that.