AI vs Human Music Composer 2019 – Orb Composer Review

Welcome, I’m Mattias. So will the Ai (Artificial Intelligence) tools of tomorrow replace a human composer? Today we will look at the Orb Composer from
Hexachords and find out if we can use this tool to generate ideas. Let’s take the tour! Ok, so this is the Orb composer tool. The Orb Composer S version 1.5 from Hexachords. And let’s first listen to a little cue that
I created here from Orb Composer, then exported to midi. The midi was then imported into Logic Pro
X and, yeah, I did put my hands on this arrangement slightly. And added a few things but, yeah, let’s take a listen! [Orchestral music generated with Orb Composer.] Ok so here we are back in the Orb Composer
version 1.5. And the Orb Composer is basically an application
that will generate melodic and harmonic ideas based on AI algorithms. So you set some parameters and the application
will generate melodic and harmonic ideas for you. In the Orb composer you work with Blocks.So
we have an intro block over here. Then we have the block type, which is a Question,
and Answer-Question type. So basically that’s a melodic question, and
then we have a second melody which is an answer to that first question (melody). Then we have a second block which is the actual
theme. There we have some more Question-Answer to
Question etc. And here below we can see the chord progressions. Obviously we can go in here and change these. We can click this icon to the left here and
select by… either search by mood. Or we can just scroll through this list of
different “devices” or different chord progressions. Because they give a certain mood. So here we have Fantastical chord progressions. Space / Dramatic / Protagonism…and the usual
Half, Plagal and Perfect Cadences. Danger and Evil. So we have all these different moods that
we can select chords from. So if we want to change this theme to a more
romantic theme, just drag this chord progression and drop it here. It will change these four chords. Let’s take the same Romantic mood and drag
it to the second part. Then we can also add another block here. So let’s go up here to the blocks and add
an ending for our track. For our little cue! That basically added four bars of an ending. We can also change that to be an 8 bar ending. So we go into this bar-items and select Standard
progression in eight bars. So basically the Orb Composer is generating
the midi in this example but the actual sound is coming from Studio One. So in Studio One I have all these Kontakt
Samplers and the Play Sampler setup. We have all these different libraries like
Cinematic Strings, Emotional Cello and we have, yeah, a few Spitfire Albion patches. I think we are using some Hollywood strings. So basically you need to setup all the different
articulations. You can see that we have the Violins 1 Longs. But you also have a bunch of other articulations
to choose from. So to make this work more accurately, and
to be able to hear every different articulation and patch you need to setup all these patches
within your DAW. But currently I only setup a few of them,
but, hopefully this should work. So if we don’t like a melodic idea that’s
generated by Orb Composer we can always just select all these and right-click and select
re-create clips. That will basically run the AI algorithm again
and it will re-generate different ideas for us. Let’s listen to this idea. [String arrangement generated by Orb Composer
ai algorithm.] So let’s re-generate this first idea and listen
to the clips again. [Classical orchestral music generated by Orb
Composer algorithm.] Ok, so let’s listen to this auto-generated
ending theme. [Mystical ending music generated by Orb Composer
artificial intelligence algorithm.] Ok, so in conclusion I think that this kind
of AI tool can be really helpful for generating ideas. Especially since we have all these mood and
mood-devices / chord-progressions already included in this application. I know there’s already plenty of other applications
on the market that does this, but I think that the AI method within Orb Composer is
really nice. Especially these Question and Answer-Question
generated melodic ideas. And if you don’t like them, just re-generate
the idea and you can then import this midi to your DAW and continue to work on the arrangement. But as I said on these moods. We have all these different cadences, perfect
cadences. So this can be a really helpful tool if you
work as a media composer. Or you are working maybe in the game composition
field, because, yeah, you can toss up ideas very quickly if you have a bad day and have
a hard time coming up with ideas. Just use this AI tool to come up with some
melodic inspiration. So in general I think this can be a really
helpful and great tool if you use it sparingly. So what’s your opinion on using AI tools for
composition? I would really like to hear your opinion on
this matter! I highly recommend that you download the Orb
Composer and see if this can be a helpful tool for you in your composition and production. If you have any questions you can write them
in the comments section below. Now you can continue and watch my next video. Please subscribe, hit the thumbs up and leave
some kind feedback in the comments. Always appreciated and it helps this channel
to grow. My name is Mattias and see you in the next
video. Bye!