Alan Baylock, Jazz Composer-in-Residence

and now I’d like to bring to the stage for
most probably was premiered arrangers and composers to think of big man music today
our composer in residence mr. john Payne I think it’s involved in a different
aspect of music whereas all strong schools have a really strong performance
program and su is no different the jazz performance degree is a wonderful degree
and so many great players but this gives su and myself a chance to branch out and
really talk about the composition and arranging of jazz music because as you
know that you can’t have a big band without having professionally arranged
music or at least really good student arrangements so I think this brings a
new dimension to the su jazz department there’s always been great arranging
teachers here but this is a little bit more purposeful to build the su
arranging program first of all I feel really fortunate to be able to be
working as a professional musician in particular as a writer as a composer and
arranger in the jazz industry it’s something I’ve dreamed about since I was
literally ten years old when I first started playing trumpet
I didn’t know the path that would take me here but it’s really worked out where
after su which was an incredible experience for me all four and a
half years here were fantastic it really prepared me for the next step going to
graduate school University of North Texas I felt very prepared
to do that and then coming up and into the garment of note and being their
chief Ranger su was a wonderful stepping stone into being prepared to do that and
as my role as chief Ranger from you know I’ve gotten to do wonderful things right
jazz artists It’s really been a thrill well the nice thing about writing for
the SU jazz ensembles I know most of the players intimately and I know their
sounds and I kind of know their personalities so the nice thing about
that is I get to write for specific people not just specific instruments so
if I have an idea of a tune I can kind of custom fit it to the shenandoah jazz
ensemble as it is but I can see in their eyes the students the same thing that we
were going through and we are here and I’m thinking me and maybe three or four
my closest friends or completely immersed everybody was immersed but we
were particularly immersed in music I can see that spark in the students eyes here
now as well so I think that’s been a lot of fun just rekindling the energy that I
had when I was 20 and 21 it really brings back a lot of fun memories but
the music program here is as good as it was in the late 80s and early 90s which
is an excellent program it’s on a completely nother level so the SU jazz
ensemble I’ve played in in 1985 through 99
was very good but the SU jazz ensemble now is completely on a different level they’re amazing