An Introvert Goes To A 3-Day Music Festival By Himself

[Music] my name is Victor and I’m an introvert and being an introvert just really means that I’m shy and I don’t really like to talk to people much but what I do love is illa trying dance music and for the last three years I’ve been going to this music festival called Electric Daisy Carnival also called EDC and I’ve been going with my girlfriend at the time the past three years this year I just moved to LA or were no longer together and the only reason why I didn’t consider going by myself is because my favorite DJ Porter Robinson is going to perform there I think I’m just gonna do it I’m really nervous because it’s a huge space on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway there’s 200,000 attendees that go every year and I’m not gonna stick on one of them we will see how I fare at Electric Daisy Carnival by myself just got to my hotel room all this is for me so usually I’d be getting ready in the bathroom with my girlfriend we listened to music dancing instead about myself but I’m almost ready to go for the first day no nervous the shuttle ride too easy it was pretty lonely but when I got up and saw that welcome sign I started to get butterflies and then this happened II D C is a huge place in a ticket for an entrance gate five for the shadows dropping off all the way across the motor speed with to cosmic meadow where Alania would be playing so naturally I ran like a Batman [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so how is pretty much dancing by myself the whole time but I had a lot of fun and that’s my first time actually seeing iminium they have to say he’s probably my second favorite DJ behind put her on to now so good [Music] [Applause] [Music] zette is always a fun time but when you played clarity I just got really sad because my ex and I sing that song a lot thankfully during the audience set though I met these cool people who basically were singing along every song with me word for word and then we just pretty much all danced together for that’s the night and it was pretty damn awesome not gonna lie but I just woke up to attacks from them saying that they won’t be at EDC anymore somebody came at my work and they had Lee so back to square one yay today is the day Otto röhm attend day two so freaking excited friends and old friends we have fun oh my god it can’t contain my excitement [Music] this was my seventh time seeing Porter and have to say hands down this was the best show he’s ever played musically and visually and because of that I was just so focused on recording to set not wanting to talk to anyone or dance with anyone but instead just being stuck in my own world holding my GoPro ultimately becoming the introvert that I’d told myself I would break out of and then the piano part for shelter came on and I just started crying because I was so beautiful if I don’t nail on the coffin was when he finished with language which is my first idea of love song with my ex I couldn’t take it anymore I had to leave and now I could this freaking hotel room all myself about ready to go for the last day I think I just gotta put down the GoPro once in a while you got on my show does that being such an introvert and making something happen well there’s meeting the people dancing with somebody or just having fun see on the other side EDC has a lot of attractions of riots you can go on but I think I’m still too shy to go by myself this is probably the worst song to listen to because it’s about meeting your ex one last time but ironically during strangers there’s this girl behind me we couldn’t see the stage so to challenge my introvert Innes I decided to offer her a shoulder ride we ended up dancing a little bit from Maddie on set and I never thought in a million years that my intravenous would be able to do this but here we are and as Madeon was finishing up I heard rumors that the secret guest for the kelie of the art car was cascade so naturally I had a runoff sadly though the girl didn’t want to come along because she had a meet up with their friends so I ended my EDC journey where I started alone but at least with a ton of memories and experiences that I’ll never forget oh my gosh my bed I had so much fun this whole trip got to see every single DJ I wanted to see and really had the freedom to just explore all the stages in the whole place about myself they’re worse ups and downs you know being super sad watching the part of Robson and crying to him but I think he could have been because his music is just so beautiful still like having goosebumps thinking about her right now ah I’ve learned that easy is probably the best place to go by yourself because everyone that you meet there is so inclusive and they’re so loving and happy and joyful and everyone there is just there for the music I am probably gonna go again next year if you do see me my buddy come say hi I promise I won’t be shy this time [Music] you [Music]