ANA VIDOVIC (Bonus Video) – Live Concert – Classical guitar recital – Baden-Baden

So, we have slowly come to the end of the
concert there is one more piece left. This is going to be a piece by the Spanish
composer Federico Moreno Torroba, Sonatina with three movements. I wanted to thank you again for being such
a wonderful audience, for being here today and for joining us this evening I certainly
hope to see you again and many many thanks to the organisers. I also forgot to thank the wonderful team
of the Siccas Guitars from Karlsruhe, they came here to record this concert, I really
appreciate that, thank you, the team is wonderful. So, I forgot to mention, I will take requests
for the “encore” so if you have any requests, feel free to ask me. So it is really up to you Thank you again, and I hope that you had a
nice time this evening, thank you.