Anaís Azul: The Music Maker

Composing makes me incredibly happy. Thinking
about what are the things that make me alive? What are the sounds that make me alive or
why do I sit on a chord for so long? Why do I like these notes? And I think
it’s really beautiful that we all have very different ways of creating. My name is Anais
Azul. I am a junior in the music composition department in CFA. I have had the great privilege
of getting commissioned to write a piece for the Chamber Orchestra of Boston. Everything
I write starts with improvisation. When I was improvising I came across this collection
of notes. This one is called, “In Each Dying Breath, We Learn to Survive.” The inspiration
for this piece came from many, many different places. I started writing it when I was in
London hearing lots of different kinds of wind sounds in very, very windy London, and
that kind of translated into breathing sounds and thinking about the importance of taking
some time to breathe and reflect in this crazy, 21st Century, hectic time. I can’t even explain
how incredible it is to hear these sounds and these things that happen in my head being
sung by an obo or being sung by a French horn or by a cello or a viola. The beautiful thing
about chamber music is you share intimately with like friends or, yeah, new friends too.
I want people to experience this music however they need to, however they want to take a
breath. People come up to me after hearing this like wordless, instrumental music, and
they have full-blown stories that they come up with things that have to do with their
lives or their imaginations, and it’s really amazing that I can kind of move those things
around in someone’s brain. And that’s something that like inspires me to keep going because
I want to hear these different stories about what other people hear. I want to record what
they say because it’s amazing what people come up with. That’s the power of concert