Anthology: Music at MCPL

Today Hippocrates Cheng is going to play a
lot of interesting music for us. I’m gonna learn a lot about it along with
you all. He’s a composer who’s a doctoral student at
IU right now and he tends to mix traditional music that he is familiar with, with the new
music that he likes to write. So without any further ado, here he is. [applause] [music] Hello everyone I am Hippocrates
Cheng I’m from Hong Kong and this is actually my first semester to study in Jacobs School
of Music. And I am a doctoral student of composition
major. So basically today I will perform some traditional
music and also as I’m a composer I will make use of the traditional instruments to perform
some new music written by me too. [music] I’m Thomas Aquino and I guess I’m
the organizer you could say for the whole series. I’m Erica Brown I’m one of the community engagement
librarians here at the Library. Most of our audience is young families. Two adults or one or two adults with a couple of small children. So it’s partially to expose children to
music but also as a community as a whole, Jacobs is a really great resource in our community
and I don’t think we utilize it enough and so it’s a great way for both the community
to see what’s going on at Jacobs and to help bridge that town to gown gap. As well as to let the Jacobs students perform
and get that exposure and experience as well. In addition to doing the sort of thing that Erica
was talking about just a minute ago, certainly I think that it gives some students an outlet
to do service that they may not necessarily know how to do otherwise. [music] I am very passionate to perform to the community
not just inside like concert hall or just for some particular audience. Since I am giving concert in Hong Kong, giving
school talk and I found out that is really meaningful for us not just writing music or
performing music for my self satisfaction but also I try to devote myself to the community. So I didn’t expect what you have necessarily
to learn from this presentation but I hope you will enjoy the music and you may be interested
in other cultures as well so that’s what I’m hoping to do. [music] Thank you. [applause]