Apple Credit Card – FUNKY MONDAY

Here at Apple, we feel that making 200 Billion dollars a year just isn’t enough. We want to print our own money. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam says that that’s illegal or as some users would say “illiagal.” “Alegl” “Illgeal” “Elegal” “Laeuaigaiual” So instead we’re going to do the next best thing Introducing the all-new Apple Credit Card! The thinnest and least substantial product we’ve ever made. Crafted from the polycarbonate offcuts from our old MacBooks. We ensure that this plastic is fantastic until just like our company you start to see some cracks over time. Well, you know us better than we know ourselves. But not as well as we know you we know what you look like, we know what you sound like, we know where you go, we tell you when to breathe, and contract every single beat of your heart, and can stop it at anytime we want. Oh, sorry, I wasn’t meant to reveal that last part Yet! The Apple credit card. We don’t want you to just give us money, we want you to owe us money It’s sha-boom and it’s time for another funky Monday video we get updates on you. You’re lucky Me and everything funky and yet to hear about this Apple are working with Goldman Sachs Possibly to make a credit card because apparently they’re worried. They don’t have all the money. So I find that very sad, especially Since they could you know use their massive platform to integrate crypto currencies better in their phone Imagine if Apple fully adopted crypto and then everyone was able to use it easily on their phones and then maybe one day Bitcoin would finally buy me a house and I’d have to stop making these freaking YouTube videos. I mean not rest on my laurels Guys, let’s be honest. I will probably end the YouTube channel soon when, Fallout 76 comes to town. Oh my goodness. Did you see the release trailer? Well, the the teaser trailer with a few seconds that don’t really tell you all that much from the from the thing I don’t know. What the heck this is. I’m assuming it’s not the next big fallout because I would probably fall out 5 Did they pull a Windows, you know went from Windows 8 to 10. Did they go from Fallout 4? Skip 5 6 7 over 70 Is that how good it is is that it’s in the 70s now they even say might even have some online Elements. I’m excited for maybe we can do some live streaming. I don’t know I usually like to keep fallout things to myself and neglect all other things in life. For the best I think I think it’s the right decision to prioritize Fallout above anything else but I’ll tell you what, I will keep making youtube videos, especially this week since it is the WWDC Apple event. I’m hoping for maybe a new iPhone a new iPhone that actually fits in in in the human hand very Exciting news there. We’ll find out but Heck I’ve had enough about Apple. Let’s just get to your news. Let’s get into the community news. Oh, oh, yeah meow meow edition Ok So, I published a poll on Twitter asking if anyone ever had cat that used the Expensive cat bed your boredom and that almost got 99 points So I posted it to youtube where it got over two and a half thousand guys. Follow me on Twitter as well I mean, I’d post a good tweet everyone sort of week Anyway, the results say that a vast majority of people’s kitty cats do ignore that a expensive cat bed You buy them, although there might have been skewed by people saying that they never owned a cat Which kind of I would have thought it would have disqualified you from the from the poll, but that’s my fault I shouldn’t have gotten in the way of your right to vote about Domestic cats and and stuff let’s let’s get to your comments. (On Screen) Maybe that’s the trick is check it out here with Dennis (On Screen) These are some cheap pussies. However, don’t feel too bad cat owners We’re not alone because of course Rabbits do the same thing. Don’t they just Ninja. And now it is time for this week’s certified Funky Save of Approval which goes to Tech Blaze for having a very smart ID That since cats like boxes so much. How about we just put the cat bed inside a box? I tell you what, that’s so crazy and might just work Tech Blaze So I’ll try it out let you guys know But right now to see if you win a Sam time 60 shots are put and let’s street some dodges I said shoot some Jar Jar’s. Yes, I did Well, look after this hour looks like Sam’s gonna be shooting some Jar Jar’s today for a certain Oh, it’s just right off the bat shut that junker right up there all its beautiful poetry in motion the reason he’s doing it is because last week egg was a little too big and heavy And some fan keeps him Jar Jar’s. Don’t know why here comes a second shot. Oh it’s a miss but gets the crowd quieting down soon after that, but it doesn’t matter it’s a win Thanks for watching everyone and make sure that you’re subscribed and give a little give little air To the Bell Icon below to make sure you get notified when the Apple parodies come out Please Apple release something good so I can make fun of it ha but until next time this is Sam Tucker saying Escape the ordinary and then brace the funky and stay funky everyone It’s Samtime signing off This episode was brought to you by the funky Patriots unlocking the funk on patreon. They’re so hot Captions By: joshuaktanki