Application Story – Composer Glenn Jordan Mixes it Up with Mackie XR824 Monitors

Hi, I’m Glenn Jordan, an Emmy award-winning composer Done a lot of film TV here in Hollywood. I’ve been nominated for four Emmys, one as musical director of Pee-wee’s Playhouse …worked on many other animated and live-action shows. One of the things you discover as you become a TV or film composer is that, boy, do you have deadlines It’s monday you’ve got to do 22 minutes music have it ready to record first thing Friday morning. So, you really need equipment which you can count on. You need to know that your speakers are going to sound good. But it’s not gonna sound so good that it disguises what you’re actually hearing. And I’ve been fooled a couple times. What you really need is something that’s going to sound true… that is transparent. When you’re in here all day long in here being the music mind that I live in you tend to get very set in your ways. There’s those things you use, those things you know. So, when the XR824 from Mackie showed up in my studio I looked at them with a little bit of trepidation because I like the way my stuff sounds… like the product I get out of here. When I plugged in the XR824 I was very, very pleasantly surprised. The Mackies really sounded good. They give me a different perspective on everything i’m listening to… … is very precise… was very fitted in the frequency spectrum and I think that’s very true reproduction. They do everything I need them to do and they do it well. They are exactly what I was looking