Aquarela do Brasil (Brazil) – Bossa Nova Guitar Lesson #16: Partido Alto Phrase Variation

Rhythmic phrase 3113 played at half speed This phrase is played mainly with staccato. Only beats 4 and 11 are played with legato. The last beat is muted with right hand fingertips… at the time of playing the bass note on beat 1 Other notes may be muted by lifting left hand fingers The same phrase played in normal tempo The intro serves to establish a stable tempo The sequence of 3 strong beats… and finally the syncopated Partido Alto phrase Switch to legato Barre remains on 2nd fret to speed up chord transition Place the barre for F#m7 before lifting the fingers 2, 3 and 4 Place the fingers 1, 3 and 4 before 2 for the bass of F#m7/-5 Use fingers 2, 3 and 4 for Em7 so that 3 remains… on 3rd string for Gm6 1, 3 and 4 remain on the strings for G13/-9 2 and 4 remain on the strings 2 still on the 2nd string Em7 instead of Em9 G#7/-5 as a bridge between the two verses 2nd verse is played with the same rhythmic phrase… and still with legato Just place finger 4 on the 1st string for Ebdim Still the same chord progression as in the 1st verse… but now modified a bit. Finger 2 remains on the 3rd string Finger 3 remains on the 2nd string Barre on the 2nd fret in preparation for B7/+5 Back to playing staccato Few different variations of the same chord progression… to make the end more interesting. If you block YouTube ads please donate some small amount to