Artiphon Sessions: Kelley Janae

(electronic music) – [Kelley Janae} Growing up I originally wanted to play drums. I remember seeing Sheila E. (hip hop beats) I was infatuated with how she would play in heels. (hip hop beats) Instead I ended up picking up a guitar, and just continued from there. (soulful guitar riffs) That’s when I started putting my beats out on social media.
People started loving them, and just kinda gravitated towards that. (electronic keyboard music) It’s a great way to create a positive environment for your audience, and get away from whatever they’re dealing with on a day to day basis, you know? I do my best not to overthink. (laughing) I think that’s definitely a number one thing that I do when it comes to creating. Just wherever my brain my take me because if you think to hard, you’re not gunna get where you’re gunna wanna go. (laughing) (soulful electronic music) I love the instrument definitely. When I first picked it up the first thing I thought of was that I could throw down a piano phase much more fluent. Instead of taking 30 minutes. I could focus more on creating as opposed to trying to figure out, how to use certain things. You just let it flow more than anything. It just kinda, just kinda
sparks a flame and… (soulful guitar riff) (upbeat island music) – [Female Musician] So it’s new from being a drummer to…