AUTHENTIC X FUNKY: LogBR – Legends of Gaming Brasil EP.11

I am Authentic, and I’ll challenge
a guy I admire a lot on YouTube. Funky, let’s play
Mount Your Friends! -Do you admire me, really?
-Really, man. -Thanks!
-I’m FunkyAuthenticCat. -What’s the game’s name?
-Mount Your Friends. -Mount your friend?
-Yes. There are some guys,
and they climb each other, and the dicks keep loose. Do you know that game,
footcar, the great carball game? -Rocket League?
-Rocket League. -I’ll kick your ass.
-You’ll lose. I played it a lot. Me too. -So let’s go! It will be fun.
-Yes. -Has it started?
-Mine is on. It’s on. Go! Go on the orange. -Orange?
-Orange. It will start. -Let’s go, Funky!
-Now it’s on! Wow. {i}Go, Authentic.
{i}Let’s win, Authentic. {i}Funky,
{i}I was supporting you. Already? {i}Castanhari,
{i}nobody cares. You are harsh. Phoenix, I care. Really? Ass… -What’s going on?
-Funky, my God! Oh my… I am… I don’t believe it. Let me play, Funky. -Go, ball.
-God! What now? Holy shit! No, man. What’s that? Where’s Minecraft? {i}It’s 4-0. {i}It’s 4-0! Ops. Use the controller. -I used the keyboard.
{i}-“Minicrafty”. {i}Go, Minecraft! Oh my… No. No. Man! Will it be 10, Funky? It will be 10. I don’t feel pity,
I feel hate. {i}Go, Funky! No. No. No. No. No! {i}Go, Funky! {i}Oh my… {i}Look there! Oh, man… {i}-Germany again?
{i}-Germany. {i}Help here, man. {i}Let’s win, Funky! Oh, man… Missed! Get back, ball. -My God! Go. Go.
{i}-Missed, man. -Go, boy!
-Man, I’m lost. Holy shit! No. No. No, man. {i}Almost, Authentic. {i}Go, Funker,
{i}score 7 on this Minecrafter. Son of a bitch!
A thing fell here. What are they saying? I don’t get it.
I’ll listen again. No, man! {i}Lady, did you think
{i}about learning it, lady? {i}Seven, 7-1. Every day, there’s a 7-1. Oh, man! Not 10, Funky. Ten? It’s 1:00 am.
I need something to be happy. -Not 10, Funky. Please.
-Ten. Ten. Ten. {i}Down, down. No, man. Not again. {i}Go, Funky, it’s almost over.
{i}You can do it. {i}There’s still 2:20.
{i}Not over yet. {i}Nobody leaves. Rocket Leagues. Nice joke. {i}Rocket Leagues. {i}Nice joke. {i}Funky, you’re bad. I know. No, man. Ouch. Wait, funky.
Go slow. -No need for hitting.
-Shit! No. Get back here! Oh my… No, no… {i}The man is giving
{i}twists. {i}”Piroulettes”. {i}Go, go. Oh, man, no! No. No. No. It’s 8-1. You trash! It’s more than
Brazil x Germany. {i}Score ten, asshole. Ten asks for a song. {i}Ask for a song. {i}You can ask for
{i}”Faroeste Caboclo”. {i}I want
{i}Rezende’s “Isolados”. -One more.
{i}-One more. {i}No! -Nine, nine, nine.
{i}-9-1. Turn it off. -What’s going on?
-I won’t explain. I don’t get it. Throw my cap. -Throw my gap.
-Just one more. Just one left. -Funky, can I still win?
-Of course. I don’t believe. -No.
{i}-Wow. Nice bump. Funky is aggressive.
I can’t touch him. Attack. No, you stole my thing. No, no. Not one more. {i}Ten, Funky! {i}Go, Funky! {i}I want 10. -No.
{i}-Overhead. No. Stole my thing again. I can’t get this ball out.
God! No. {i}Nice, Authentic! {i}-I’ve always trusted you.
-Thanks, man. -At least you.
{i}-It’s ten, ten. {i}Don’t be an ass, Authentic.
{i}Let him score. {i}Let him score 10. Get out, Funky.
I want the honor one. You’ve already scored it.
Get out. {i}I believe. Go! {i}You can do it. {i}Score ten! Ten! {i}Five, four,
{i}three, two, one… No. WINNER – ROUND 1 You are weak. We are the best! You lost, too. -It will be fine.
-Where’s Minecraft? Put it. Put Minecraft. -Man. Let’s go?
-Let’s! Go, man. -You first. It’s you first.
{i}-It’s on. -It’s on.
-On. Man! Go, Funky! Funky already knows it. My God. Ok. Fine. Oh my… Wait. I will ruin Funky. Here. Go. What’s that? {i}The guys are easy there. {i}Look at Authentic. {i}He knows the tricks. I will try throwing
to Funky’s side. {i}Wait. There’s time. {i}Go, dicky. {i}-Go, cocky.
-Fine. Ambulance, you dumb! Go, Funky. {i}No, it’s Funky. {i}Who is now, Funky? {i}Who’s who? Help me. -I’m Ken.
-I’m Ken. Man, the guy goes up
really fast. My God. Look, Funky,
going up… Go there. Fine. Look. Wait. I got the wrong one. There. {i}Close him down there,
{i}so he can’t go through. -S.
{i}-It’s bugged. -Thank you a lot!
{i}-Welcome! Very nice. Look at Funky, man. {i}My God! {i}Look at Authentic,
{i}so angry. Look. Look. -Go there.
{i}-Put pressure on him, Funky. Look. Put it here. Then hold here. -Fine. W.
-W. Oh my… I pressed the wrong one. -Keep going up. Nice.
-My God! See? Funky is aggressive. {i}He’s playing well. No! There’s time. Wait. Go easy, man. {i}You must win. Go easy. -Easy, Funky.
{i}-You can do it. Nice. {i}What a tower! There. Nice. Nice. Wait, Funky. Go, bro. {i}Wow. {i}Wow! {i}Ten seconds. Holy shit. Holy shit! {i}Seven, six, {i}-five, four…
-W. W. {i}-Three…
-Oh my! Wow! Nice, Funky! Nice, boy. I ruined my side. {i}Funky, stay away
{i}from the wall. {i}Go right. Got it. {i}-Wait. Wait.
{i}-Sing a song. {i}Nice. Yes, man! Holding the goat’s ass. {i}Get your hand out
{i}Put it here {i}You can teach, Funky. {i}I think you can. Easy. {i}Ten… {i}Only you. {i}Funky is a monster. {i}My God! {i}My God! {i}I wanna see now. {i}It’s over. -It’s not over yet. Go.
-Sticking. Fine. S. Ok. You can. You can. Ops. A. S. -D.
-I won’t do it, Funky. -You’ll win.
-D. D. -A.
{i}-Eight, seven, six… You’ll do it. -S. D.
{i}-Five, four… {i}Three, two, one… WINNER – ROUND 2 Nice, bro! Thanks! Man, the tower was huge. GROUP C