Avid Media Composer Jump To Edit Points

If you are new to Avid Media Composer, you
may want to make a few quick modifications to the keyboard layout. One quick example is re-configuring the A
and S keys so they go to each edit point. The default setting for the A and S keys sends
you into trim mode. Navigate to the Avid project window and click
on the settings tab. Double click on the keyboard settings. Next, navigate to the tools menu and choose
command palette. Map the Rewind button to the A key, and then
map the Fast Forward button to the S key. Now go ahead and close the keyboard and command
palette windows. Navigate back over to the settings tab within
the project window and double click on the Composer settings. Click on the Fast Forward / Rewind Settings
tab Activate the Ignore Track Selectors, and press
the ok button. That’s it! Now you’ve configured the A and S keys so
they go to each edit point. And don’t forget, GeniusDV also offers classroom
and flat rate onsite Avid Media Composer training.