Avid Media Composer Overwrite Trim Function

The Overwrite trim mode function in Avid allows
you trim clip segments without affecting the duration of your sequence. Let me demonstrate. Okay, I’ve added in some titles above the
each interview. Don’t worry we’ll cover creating titles in
a later lesson. Next, I’m also going to turn off the video
thumbnails in this sequence. And to do that, click on the timeline fast
menu and turn off clip frames. Okay, so now go ahead and activate the red
overwrite trim function. If you trim the edge of a clip segment with
the red overwrite trim tool it will leave a gap. A gap gives you a good visual indicator showing
you that you will need to fill this area with another clip. Okay, let me undo. What’s also nice about using the red overwrite
trim tool, is you won’t have to worry about clips going out of sync with their associated
audio. Go ahead and turn off the link selection button. Then grab the edge of a video clip segment
and trim back some content. Notice, within the link selection button turned
off, you can trim the video portion of a clip back without trimming the audio portion. This leaves a gap, but the clip segment is
still in sync with its audio. Then you can extend the video portion of the
previous clip by adding content to the end of it. Notice how the video content for the ambulance
now extends over the audio portion of the interview. This type of edit is called a split edit,
where you have the video content extending over another clip without affecting the sync
relationship of video and audio elements. So I’m going to back up and play the sequence. And It’s very important that when you are
in trim mode that you click on this timecode bar area to exit the mode. Otherwise you risk trimming or moving clip
segments within the sequence while trying to back up and play. Okay, nice… that plays better. Now, when it comes to graphics and titles,
the overwrite time tool can come in handy. This is because you can trim the length of
a title or a clip on another layer without affecting the placement of other clip segments. And remember, you can use these keyboard shortcuts
to trim 1 or 10 frames at a time. Now you have the basics of using the red segment
overwrite trim function.