Avid Media Composer Slip Trim Function

Avid Media Composer features a trimming function
called slip. Slipping a clip segment allows you to change
the starting point and ending point of a clip without changing its position or duration
within a sequence. Watch this short sequence so I can demonstrate
how it works. You’ll notice in this clip, the kid doesn’t
complete the jump. Since all the other clip segments are timed
to the music, we want to make sure we don’t affect the placement of the other clip segments. An easy fix is to enter into slip mode. One method of entering into slip mode is to
hold down the ALT key and draw a reverse lasso around an entire clip segment. The key here, is to make sure you see these
pink handles on the inside portion of both sides of the clip segment. Now, be careful where you click to grab onto
these handles, make sure the trim icon stays on the inside portion of the clip segment. If not, and you see something that looks like
this, you’ve now changed into ripple trim mode. So, you will need to re-lasso the clip and
try again. When you are in slip mode, the composer window
changes to reveal the starting point and ending point of the clip segment. So when you grab any of these pink handles
and you can adjust where the clip segment starts and stops without changes the clip?s
duration or position within the sequence. Just let go of the mouse button, and the slip
function is complete. Okay, at the bottom of the Composer window,
click on this play in-out button to check things out. To exit trim mode just click anywhere on this
time code bar within the timeline window. Okay, lets slip another clip. Now, if you have enough grey area above your
top most track within the timeline window, you can draw the backwards lasso without having
to hold down the alt key. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable with dragging
the pink rollers with the mouse, you can use these trim keys within the composer window,
which represent 1 frame or 10 frames in either direction. And these trim keys are also part of the default
keyboard layout. Okay, check it out! You now have the basics of trimming using
slip mode. And don’t forget, GeniusDV also offers classroom
and flat rate onsite Avid Media Composer training.