Background Music For Social Media – Epidemic Sound’s 3-MONTH Trial!? [Black Friday Coupon]

Background music for videos on social
media in YouTube is one of my favorite topics because there are so many
confusing options out there and most people think that what you’re looking
for is free background music and I get that but if everyone keeps using the
same free songs over and over again for their background music then how do your
videos stand out and establish you and your brand as the go-to Authority and
influencer in your niche they really know that’s why most successful content
creators on YouTube and social media including myself are using affordable
background music options instead my name is Meredith Marsh and if you’re into
creating better videos so that you can grow your audience and income online
then give this video a big thumbs up by hitting that like button down below and
I’m glad that you found me because that’s exactly what I talk about here on
this channel and in this video I’m going to divulge all the gory details of using
background music in your videos on YouTube and social media so we’re
talking free background music sources inexpensive affordable sources for your
royalty free background music plus how do you actually use popular songs in
your videos and how do you actually use the music in your video editing software
basically we’re talking how to use background music in your videos for
YouTube and social media without breaking the law and without breaking
the bank now I want to let you know Wow oh my gosh look at all this crap behind
hang on a minute now I want to start right off by letting
you know that for this video I’ve partnered with one of my all-time
favorite sources of background music epidemic sound and if you’re at all
familiar with epidemic sound you know they have a pretty generous 30-day free
trial for new users at least that’s usually what they give new customers but
as a friend of vid pro mom that’s and me they’re letting me give you a three
month free trial two epidemic sound as their Black Friday deal and we’re going
to talk about exactly what that means and what you can do with your free trial
– because there are a lot of common misconceptions about how epidemics sound
works so if you’ve ever been remotely interested in a using epidemic sound for
your background music or if you’re totally new to this whole background
music royalty-free stuff to begin with then keep watching now I mentioned the
term royalty free background music what the heck does that even mean right
well royalty free background music is basically music that you can acquire the
right to use for YouTube and social media for example so it may be free to
get the right or you may have to pay money to get the right to use the music
now like I already mentioned a lot of people are looking for a free background
music and I totally get that I mean who wants to spend money on something if you
could get it for free from another source but if you’re creating videos as
a means to build your personal brand your business your authority online even
if it’s just a hobby it makes sense to invest in a couple of areas and if
creating videos is like your main platform your main medium then
background music is one of the least expensive things that you can do to
invest in your brand but if you are still genuinely interested in free
background music sources there are two places that I highly recommend you check
out one is YouTube’s audio library and the other one is incompetent calm and as
you browse those audio libraries you likely start to hear some music that
you’ve heard before the free music is all over YouTube so just be mindful of
that as you’re kind of going down that rabbit hole and I put links to both of
the things I mentioned down in the description below now a lot of people
wonder what about popular music can I use a song that I purchased from Apple
through iTunes or Google Play or something I mean I paid for it so
shouldn’t I be able to use it in my youtube videos and many people are
shocked to learn that the buck 29 that they paid doesn’t give them exclusive
rights to just do whatever they want to do with that song actually your dollar
29 gave you the right to listen to the song on your devices if you wanted to
broadcast it or use it in a movie or a YouTube video or even perform it in
public you have to have a special license for that you know music creators
are artists just like painters designers authors video creators and so as the
copyright holder they’re the one that gets to make decisions about how that
piece of media is used by the way I’m not an attorney and this is not legal
advice it’s just common sense and human decency now if you did want to use
popular music in your YouTube and social media videos like songs you hear on the
radio you could check out song freedom so if you hear some popular songs in
YouTube videos oftentimes their creators who have a very large following there’s
a good chance that they simply paid the licensing fee and they probably paid a
pretty penny for it too now luckily there is a happy medium between the free
overused background music in the expensive licenses and that’s where my
pals over at epidemic sound come in because for a low monthly subscription
you get access to their entire library of songs all genres all types even sound
effects there’s over 30,000 songs so whether you take advantage of their
normal quite generous 30 day free trial or you hop on the Black Friday deal and
get a three month free trial all of the music that you use and publish to social
in YouTube during that trial is covered with your license even if you never pay
them a dime so let’s say you sign up for a free trial today and you publish a
video next week and the week after and the week after that any time within your
free trial and then you decide not to go with a paid subscription to epidemic
sound your videos are still good to go you don’t have to take them down you’re
not gonna get a copyright strike they’re not even gonna be demonetised and if you
do want to use their music moving forward when you publish new videos
their Creator subscription is only 15 dollars a month so it’s a complete
no-brainer especially if you jump on that Black
Friday deal using the coupon down below and even after that I mean a 30-day free
trial it’s still a no brainer now like I said I put the Black Friday coupon code
down below this video along with the link that’s traced back
to me so use those together to make sure that you get those three full months of
your free trial I also put links down there to some other favorite sources of
background music like audio jungle Shutterstock music fine sound stripe and
audio box some of those services have subscription models and other ones have
like a one-off system where you can buy the right to use a song for as little as
like 10 or 20 dollars and of course I put links to all of those down below as
well so what do you do once you find a song that you like and you want to use
it in your video what you need to import it into your video editing software so
when it comes to epidemics sound well I keep a collection of some of my
favorites here on epidemics sound now epidemics sound is just releasing a
brand new interface for searching for all of the different genres and moods
and everything but up under my account I can go to my music and I have a
collection of songs that I just keep as my favorite so I can always come back to
them and sometimes I come across songs that remind me of something else so I
put them under sound-alikes and then for example we have stranger things here so
if I ever need a song with that like 80s sci-fi vibe
then I’ll know where to find it but usually I’ll find songs that I already
like and if I want to look even further and I’ll just find one of these and I
can actually find similar songs to it so let’s just look at what does power walk
in satellite so let’s say I like that song and I want more like that I’ll hit
this little find similar button and we’ll see what we can find here so using
the beats per minute and the genre and all that stuff epidemic sound will find
similar songs so when you have a really great list of songs you really like all
you have to do is go find similar songs to that and I find that saves me a ton
of time when I’m choosing my background music so let’s download one of these
here to use in our project now normally I download the full mix which means I’m
just downloading the song as is so let’s do that and you also have the option to
download this stems and this stems are where you get the separate instruments
completely like on their own track so you have a drum track for the melody and
so you can mix these any way that you want but like I said I’m usually just
using the full mix I keep all of my background music on an external hard
drive it’s this G G Drive mobile C is one terabyte they keep it on there so
that I can take it with me wherever I take my laptop all my background music
is on there so I’m going to drag this over put it in my epidemic sound folder
which is inside of my assets folder and if I come over here to Premiere Pro and
then all I have to do is drag this over into my epidemic sound bin in Premiere
Pro and then drag it down to my timeline here and then I’ll come in and just
fine-tune it usually I have to turn it down and I’ll use keyframes here so we
can we can do that so that’s how I import my background music from
epidemics sound into premiere pro it’s different for every
single video because my intros are different now I’ve actually used the
same outro music because I just like it and it works for me
so in Premiere Pro I just basically bring the volume up as I’m telling you
hey thanks for watching give this video a big thumbs up if it was helpful for
you and run and grab that Black Friday deal from epidemic sound grab your three
free months and then come back here and leave me a like a turkey emoji or
something in the comments to let me know that you did it is there even a turkey
emoji yes there is thanks epidemic sound for working with
me on this coupon and I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving