BarBox Music Service

hi I’m Jordan and this is my bar you just play me the song great well this is one of the many reasons why I started using bar books you see music atmosphere is very important for my guests bar box is actually very easy to use you just spread you stir your bar music club or any other establishment and bar box dachsies at login on your computer or iOS or Android device and you’re ready to play more than 35 million songs from a database that is updated daily and here comes the best part your customers are now able to choose songs right from their smartphones they just download the bar Box app for free from App Store or Google Play they connect to your Wi-Fi and your customers are ready to add their favorite songs no registrations logins or check-ins but I’m worried yet absolute control over the customers choice so nobody will disrupt their music on street you can bend specific music Jenner’s songs there are many other cool features that you can do such as customers can send some requests to your DJ you have Microsoft statistics you have music generous time many many other things we found on our side