Barking Folk Festival 2019 | Summer of Festivals

I’m Darren Rodwell, Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council, and this is the Barking Folk Festival. It’s what I enjoy every year in
the festival’s it’s people coming together – all different backgrounds, all
different ages, all different religions and it’s fantastic – whether you see the
plastic flowers made by the kids of the borough or whether it be the knitted flowers
made by our older communities of the borough and actually seeing all the
different events on on the stage is here today and all the other parts of the
community just coming together. We came for the last two years and we came because we saw that Newton Faulkner was playing, two years ago, and we were like ‘we have to be there because we love him’ and then we had such a good time we came for the next year and now we’re here again! It’s very difficult I think to find a
community in such a busy city like London and I think to put on events like
this allows people to sort of find that oneness that you wouldn’t get otherwise
and I think is a really good thing that they did. It makes you really feel part of the community and there’s lots going on so, it’s lovely. It’s a tough old world at the minute
let’s be honest there’s all sorts of kind of you know urgent issues in the
world and one of the best ways that I think that we make sense of the world is
through art and through creativity so spaces where people can come out, be together regardless of everything else and just
celebrate what it means to be alive I think is really important.