Become your own composer at #IFA18 with a Dell CinemaSound orchestra

We are all about innovation right now here at the #DellExperience at IFA 2018.
I’m here with Phivos Angelos Kolias
who just recently got his PhD in interactive music. I want to talk a little bit about Dell Cinema because Becoming a composer is as easy as just stepping into the Dell Experience.
What is going on here? What are we displaying with Dell Cinema? The XPS orchestra – what we have
is the brass instruments, the woodwinds and the strings – and all that coming from all these computers separated in space like a virtual orchestra.
The user can step in and using hand motions and gestures can literally move an orchestra where each machine is playing a big chunk of this orchestra So you can become your own composer here If you step in. It’s pretty amazing. It’s been awesome
to learn about what this PhD really has entailed with interactive music emerging trend. If you want to be on the emerging side
and become your own composer come step in here, hang out with us here all week.
We’ll be back soon with more updates