Beginner Guitar Lessons: Should I Play Electric or Acoustic Guitar? | Guitar | Lesson | Beginner

[MUSIC] Welcome to Introduction to Guitar,
week one. Some of you might be thinking,
which guitar should I choose? Should it be an acoustic guitar,
like the one I’m playing, or should it be an electric guitar,
like this one? Well here’s some things to consider
as you’re making this choice. First off I would say, for those of you
who’ve been influenced and inspired by an artist who plays the acoustic
guitar, then that should be your choice. That way you’ll keep playing because
you’re emulating the artist so to speak. For those of you who might have been
influenced say by Jimi Hendrix, for example, and
your choice might be electric guitar. Then maybe that might be your choice, because it’s the artist that
inspires you to play the instrument, that gives you that initiative to
pick up the instrument and practice. So, whatever keeps you practicing
should be your choice. There are some other things to consider. For one, acoustic guitar,
slightly physically harder to play. So if you think that there are going
to be some physical issues with you holding the strings down for
the most part because of the action. Sometimes, the acoustic guitar
can be physically harder to play. Whereas, electric guitar,
most of the time, you can get really light gauge strings
that make it physically easier to play. Ultimately you choose the instrument
that keeps you playing and excited about practicing. One other thing to consider is, and
this is something where acoustic guitar might have the advantage, is that
an acoustic guitar is a complete package. You can take it out of the case and
you can start playing right away. [MUSIC] Electric guitar, on the other hand, in order to play this instrument there’s
some additional things that you need. For one, you’re going to need some
kind of guitar cable or chord, and then you do need an amplifier,
an electric guitar amplifier. It doesn’t have to be a custom amp,
like the one I have. But there are some companies like
Fender who have some affordable packages where you can buy the electric
guitar and it comes with a cable, a tuner, a strap, and
all of the things that you need at a competitive price to
a comparable acoustic guitar. Ultimately, you should choose
the instrument that keeps you inspired to play and practice.