Behind the Scenes of Young Men: Composer Keaton Henson

KEATON HENSON: So the score itself, I wanted
to build it on a couple of kind of themes and ideas. When you’re working with dance, there’s a
certain element where you have to set the scene. For me the important thing is finding some
kind of emotional hooks that I could work with. So the first of those for me is the idea of
kinda an inner sound…something that sounds like it’s happening inside your head, that
you’re hearing the madness outside from within. [Instrumental Music] So, I worked with the orchestra quite a lot
to try and train them out of clean, incredible playing and tried to encourage them to play
ugly and to play pained and to create sounds that they might not necessarily be in control
of. Which isn’t necessarily the easiest thing. [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Feel the power of Young Men on Great Performances.