Best App To Download Music FREE Offline iOS 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 NO Jailbreak iPhone iPad iPod

hi guys if you are looking of an app
where you can find the best songs without having to pay any price than
your search ends right here said the it is a tremendous music streaming app
which you can download on your smartphone it comes packed with tons of
features like you can listen and Leslie without any limit it is completely free
of cost karaoke feature that shows lyrics on
your screen so you can also seen along with the song you can share your
favorite songs with your friends and family directly from the app if you
don’t find a song you are looking for simply create a request and it will be
made available as soon as possible the overall user interface is quite easy and
fun to use if you are going for a trip where you won’t be having Wi-Fi or any
network you can download your favorite songs or your entire lists from said B
to listen later without the need of an internet connection
it is just not another alternative for Spotify Premium but also offers
excellent features one of the most distinguishing features of this app is
an offline mode yes you heard it right with Sat beat you can enjoy music even
when your device is not connected to the Internet but how will you get the SEBI
tap on your device says it is not available in the iTunes Store don’t
worry you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to install set beat on
iOS you can download set beat from map valley which is one of the best app
stores available that you can get for free launch safari browser and download at
valley wait for app valley to successfully download go to your
device’s home screen you will see new app the app icon you have to verify the
application through settings before use the app open the Settings app and
navigate to general device management tap on trust at Valley open the app
Valley app you should now see a list of all the applications that are available
to be downloaded search for set bead and download now installation of the app
will start on your device once the installation is done open the
app and keep listening to your favorite music for free