Best Free iPad/iPhone Music Making Apps

hello it’s Patrick here from the whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of iOS
music making or a seasoned pro looking to expand your audio options the App
Store is stuffed to the brim with all manner of music making apps all vying
for your attention and your heart and cash there are some good deals to be
hard however and it is possible to broaden those sonic horizons without
spending a single penny in this video I’ll share my picks for the very best
free iOS audio apps that the App Store has to offer first up we have an absolutely essential
download for pretty much anyone who is even considering making music on their
iDevice audio kit synth one synth one is a pleasant surprise and that not only
does it offer the pro synth app experience for free it also surpasses
many pro syntax in terms of sound quality and feature sets those features
include five oscillators two assignable LFOs with dozens of routing
possibilities hybrid analog FM poly synthesizer and some of the best fully
phone presets out at the box I’ve ever come across all wrapped up and an
easy-to-use user interface I took a deep dive into the story behind synth 1 and a
closer look at its tones and features and a video are we Whaleback click the
card at the top to check it out I’ll also put a link in the description not
to be missed synth one is absolutely bloody fantastic in my top 5 iOS guitar apps video from a
while back I thought I had covered all the main amp and FX some up contenders
that were available at the time you guys were quick to let me know that I had
missed out a pretty important mention tone stack is a fully featured guitar
amp and effect app that is available in both premium tone stack 3 and freemium
towards that go format what sets the free to download taunts that go apart
from other iOS amp and FX sims that you can download for free is that you
actually get a whole lot of usable features and sounds to play with yes
there are the obligatory in-app purchase offerings lettered throughout the
interface but there’s definitely scoped to sculpt some pretty damn good tones
here without having to put your hand in your pocket corn stacks creator Yannick
says that unlike other FX apps that try to copycat with EQ and other gimmicks
tone stack recreates the intricate designs of the real thing being able to
get a piece of that action for free makes downloading and giving tone stack
go a whirl a bit of a no-brainer gather round the fire kids while
granddad Patrick tells you tales of his youth back in 2011 when using GarageBand
on Mac to make my first ever EP / mini-album thing there were two
third-party plugins are used on almost every single track a 100% completely
legit and of course paid for version of isotopes trash and audio damages Rough
Rider compressor that thing just made drums and percussion sound excellent so
when audio damage announced that they were porting their similarly fantastic
Rough Rider – plug-in to iOS I had to give it a try happily the magic is still
there this thing will still absolutely mangle your drums and percussion stones
given half a chance I find dialing it down a wee bit is a
great way to add some additional beef to a rhythm section and it’s also great for
adding that elusive janessa choir to Simpsons to Aaron’s bonus points for
being an audio unit version 3 plug-in – which does make incorporating this thing
into your workflow even easier if you want a more in-depth look at rough rate
of – my buddy Pete Jones from studio life today has a great video exploring
how it works and the kinds of sounds that you can create click the card at
the top of the screen to check it out or you can find a link in the description
below Claire grins have a bit of a reputation
for releasing quirky left fuel plugins and apps that really push the boundaries
in terms of user interface and sound quality spec is a free studio modulation
filter effect that Clarence a is suitable for any sense all parameters
are easily editable in one screen and the clean and responsive user interface
encourages creativity tweak it to produce anything from old-school phasers
to subtle choruses swept is both a uv3 and insert app audio compatible and as
low CPU usage means you can whack multiple instances of onto a track or
project without worrying about seeing the dreaded optimizing performance
message the interface of this app is wild but it really makes it easy to
produce very usable and expressive sounds if you’re looking for an upgrade
so GarageBand for iOS has built-in modulation effects then swept might just
fit the bill for you finally factory from sugar Bates is an
incredibly powerful modular synthesizer that sports are big modulation matrix
with all kinds of features to create a wildlife of sands Factory
allows you to go as deep as you want and search of the sound you’re after
the free version comes with dozens of presets to get you started
as well as access to more secret presets by tapping the all and the factory Logan
shout-out to Paul Henry from the iPad musician’s Facebook group for that slice
of fried gold if you want to get more technical you have access to factories
to oscillator controls the super-powerful modulation matrix and
sugar pipes unique arpeggiator and intonation mashup fantastic stuff and
well there’s more than enough to keep you busy in the free version chances are
it won’t sit along before you’re ready and willing to pay the 17 quid to unlock
the full version so there you have it those are my picks
for the very best free audio production iOS apps in the world today but what do
you think did I miss any out what iOS apps free or otherwise can you not live
without let me know in the comments below
I’ve been Patrick from the and I’ll see you next time bye
for now