Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is paired my guitar lesson series. So today I’ll show how to play black magic woman by Santana So I’ll play the intro first and then I’ll show how it’s played no from music house. Okay, so I’ll play it first Okay, I’ve taken the distortion off second here the dopes better Okay, we’ve broken it down into a few riffs a play ch1 I’ll show Heather played. So this is the first one Okay, so that’s the second string 8th fret slide down to 6 The third-string some threat fatten it up and back down The second string 6 fret hammer on to the 8th and off Then they’ve a third-string guns up the seventh fret and back down Okay, next part is this Okay, so 5th fret on the first string Second string 8th fret Third string sorry a second string 6 fret slide em to the fifth First string third fret 2nd string 6 fret Fifth slide down to the third I Do that again a Second time around instead clean the fifth to third fret you just play the fifth In the bottom of three streams tenth fret just play a visitor prepare Geo So, okay next riff is this The first string 10th fret second string 13th fret Bend up then back down 10th on the second fret 10th on the second string 13th fret Bend up And back down pull off to the 10th fret so once again Okay, next riff is this So that’s their teeth to fret second string Bend up First string 10th Seconds the second string 13th 10th fret Third string 12th 14th after the 12th Posture the 10th Just like the ninth fret so once again Next part is this Okay, so second string 10th fret 13 First string 12th and 13th fret 12 Thirteenth’s Palazzo 12th and 10th Second string 13th fret end up Do a shake and do the tenth row Okay, next one is this So a second string thirteenth fret and up First string 10th Saturn a string 13th and 10th Little bit of a pause there Third string 12th fret and up The tenth fret For three into a threat Okay, next riff is this Okay, so that’s third string called fret Second string alone First string 10th 13th And place their teeth again and bend it up At 15th fret first string bends up the 13th Second turn 15th fret first string 13th The first string 18th fret Bend it up and slide down Ok, the last one is this Ok, so that’s the first string 10th fret Into the 3rd string 12th fret Bend up and pull down pull Off the 10th 12 2nd string 10th 13:12 10th hammer onto the 12th and clock again 14th fret 12 Again 12th and 10th The string 12 Death So I gently ate Itself Mmm the bottom three strings that threat Okay, so that’s part one of black magic woman by CIN CIN, I hope this lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching