Bonfolk: The Funky Sock Company Giving Back to the New Orleans Community

(upbeat guitar riff) – Fresh out of college I got a job designing for a women’s clothing brand. And we were located on
the outskirts of Skid Row. So every day I would just feel like I should be doing more with my skills, put them to good use,
so I started Bonfolk. Bonfolk is a sock brand based
out of New Orleans, Louisiana, where we donate a pair of
socks for every pair we sell. My name is Janna Blackheart. I’m trying to think of my proper title, because I do everything. I wear all the hats (laughs). When I decided that I wanted to start a
company that gives back, I did a lot of research and I’m like, “What’s something that’s really needed, “and a gap in the market?” Socks are the number one requested clothing item in shelters. So then I started socks. The first sock I did was a crawfish sock. Everybody ended up really
loving the product. Then I did a pop-up market where I set up a little
table and I had six designs. I brought a huge tub
of socks thinking like, “Oh, there’s no way I’m
gonna sell through all this.” And that night I sold out of all my socks. Everyone really loved and backed the donation
side of everything. So I was like, “Okay, this is gonna work. “I think people are
really gonna like this.” I started the company in New Orleans because it’s my hometown and I really wanted to give
back here, first and foremost. And then I wanna try to hit each shelter in the
United States, eventually. We’ve been able to
donate over 100,000 pairs since we started the company. So I feel super proud of that and grateful of all of our
customers for supporting us. When we go drop off socks
at a homeless shelter, this feeling takes over you. And it’s like the best
feeling in the world. It’s just so awesome. And that, to me, is everything. (uplifting, calm music)