Breaking the Law – JUDAS PRIEST – Guitar Lesson – Beginner

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy This video is part of my guitar lesson series So today I’ll show how to play breaking the law by Judas priest So I’ll play the riffs and [the] chords. I’ll show how to plate note for note using the tabs up above okay, so Opening riff Is played like this? Let’s play back this along with the tabs Okay, that’s played twice, and yeah, the chords are we start seeing see gee [eh] place that again then it’s f See ah II Then the breaking the law course is displayed [on] the a a string fifth string open breaking the law breaking Then it’s at the second string tenth fret and the 3rd string [nine] [thread] like that The second time around it’s twice Play that again [so] the first time that riff is played once the second time twice the third time once the fourth Time twice it goes back to the that opening verse [hey] see gee [eh] That it changes with 80 I had to be promised [Rock] see D He [fishes] in my heart and it goes back to [4f] see II it goes back to the course Okay, that goes to the bridge just You’re saying you don’t know it’s like B Twice and open a three times fifth string So it’s [be] you get Binet through times you play that four times So that four times, [we’re] [just] saying [uh] you [don’t] know what it’s like, so that’s d F See D F gee [Hmm] that repeats again D F C D ah gee Then it goes back to the opening riff, but it’s played an octave higher so let’s [played] [here] [at] [4th] string [7th] fret let’s play like this baby this okay, and that sort of plays onto the end of the song and the chords the end of the song are a She has played four times and the last chord is a Okay, well there’s a lesson. I hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching