Bryan-Michael Cox – Making hits with iMASCHINE and MASCHINE STUDIO | Native Instruments

I think the most impressive thing about technology is that now you can create music without having to be in a big studio. Being able to create inside of an iPad and turn it into a hit record is something you couldn’t even fathom, you
know, three years ago. So by the time it came over to the real session, I plugged in my iPad to the computer, opened
up the project and there it was – right there in MASCHINE. I added the piano then, and some strings, and from there, you know, we started creating
the lyrics… The lyric and the melody came and it just turned into this thing, you know. It’s amazing to see where things start. My creative process is, err, a bit unorthodox. It’s like combining all of the music that has influenced me or inspired me, and mixing it up with the incredible spiritual
connection. And if you are able to tap into it on a regular
basis, you should absolutely utilize it and share it with the world.