[ Burnish ! ] Audio Modeling SWAM Violin [ English Sub ]

I’ll introduce trend of sounds, changing combinations of Rosin and Int BP using a x-y pad. 1.Pitch stability
[Ultra-high pressure・Close to the fingerboard] If Int BP is high … The default value is this position → Good
The pitch is stable even with thick strings and high pressure. (Muddy) Bad
It tends to be a squeaky sound or a squeaky sound.
The change in gloss is flat. (Synthesizer-like) Although the turbidity has become deeper, the pitch is still in a stable trend (not turbulent). Rosin affects the harmonic distribution from around when the Dynamic Envelope turns red. The pitch became quite unstable. Under ultra-high pressure, the pitch is more stable near the bridge than the fingerboard. (However, it tends to be noisy) No one can help it… 2.Change of noise amount
[High pressure, close to fingerboard] Feeling of Bowing Nice balance Adjust with Velocity or Accent to get better. It changes to a light sound when the pressure drops. The higher the range, the easier it is to settle down. The drowning sound is strengthened. (Astringent) 3. Noise tendency of staccato notes
[High pressure, close to the bridge] The friction is too great to sound … Like pressing a bow Like a bow bouncing Like a bow is caught 4. Change in noise tendency
[String crossing] Turbidity ←4321→ Not turbidity Stable Isn’t it better to set the 2nd and 3rd strings to be turbid…? I wonder if the parameters other than the pressure system will be glossy in the high range …