Calling all composers!

– Hello. (both laughing) Hey, have you enjoyed these music videos? – Are you a composer? Do you wish we could play your music? – Well, now you have the chance. We’re excited to announce
our New Music, New Video Composition Competition. – We are on the hunt
for new, impactful works for piano duo. – That includes two pianos,
or piano four hands. – Of up to five minutes to feature in a fully produced
Anderson & Roe music video. – So you write the music. – Go wild, get weird, be bold. – And we’ll do the rest. We’ll perform, produce, direct, film, finance and share on social media. – The deadline for submissions
is September 1, 2018. – We look forward to
working together with you. – I’m just gonna point at you. Anderson Roe music video. – Why’d you, oh dear. (dog barks) – Get on it. – Yes. – I don’t know, that was good.