CB Funk Ablage Box für 40 41 mit postalischem Gerät – eflose #614

So, hi guys, I’ve been here now for an automatic
Switch built for CB radios, I have here a Albrecht, Albrecht a radio
with 6 pole plug and a microphone Midland Radio with 6 pole. The Albrecht here if
I turn to the left, it’s, Right after it is made, switch times, then
Can I send in 41, receiving on 40, the Up Down keys also work on
40, sending it does at 41, which can be with also see the scanner, 26.565 I have
stored on 141, would be the CB channel 41 … one two, the microphone is just quietly
because dynamic microphone and so, thus sending 41 receiving 40, if I turn off here
Send 40 receiving 40, or when I go to 41 go, sending 41 receiving 41, I can
also microphone Up Down switch. Then I go to channel 40, which would be the highest
Frequency in the CB radio, 27.405, I keep the a I can at 27.405 and receiving on
26.565 Send. That is now with Albrecht, then I put the time in order to Midland, I
reposition must microphone and reposition power moment. Thus and in Midland, which is a
Midland Alan 78 Plus works well, Receiving on 40, sending on 41 or 1E,
27415 I’m there, one two, one two, okay, and if I can turn off the whole
normally on channel 40 sending, yes, Up Down keys go there as well, if it is turned off
then it is quite normal CB radio, 38, 39, the scanner is broadband, 40, 1E, if
I tuh turn it then turns of the Send one channel high, 1 2 3, 1 2 3, yes,
okay, I have to time the other microphone dranmachen since the modulation is better because
the microphone is really not good. The whole is just a box where here a microphone jack
off is where you put a microphone on, so a 6 pin connector, and here there is still
a microphone cable ran come with a plug, I screw this thing on time and show
you something is in there. Then I have the first prototype times open, first of
Off switch with 2 fixed wires as and is a small board, the board, the
with a few cable here at the microphone Jack off and here we continue to the microphone
Plug. On a Pic 16F628A, 1 2, 3 transistors and a 5V voltage regulator and 1 2
3 4 5 6 resistors, a diode, two capacitors, as is the voltage regulator, the transistor of,
Transistor, Transistor, overall not much top and rear are the compounds
and the wires are soldered.