CGR Undertow – FUNK OF TITANS review for Nintendo Wii U

Comparisons are a thing, because comparisons
are super effective. It’s a great way to describe something,
whether it’s a band, or a movie, or a video game…to someone who hasn’t heard them,
or watched it, or played it. Telling them, “Oh, it’s kind of like that game you played,
only combined with the style, from this game you played.” Just helps people get an idea
what you’re talking about, and it’s especially helpful in reviews. Of course, it’s never literal. It’s never
literally this combined with that, like some strange experiment gone wrong. It’s a comparison,
it’s an analogy. This time, it’s no analogy. Get out your pitchforks. It’s Funk Of Titans,
for the Nintendo Wii U. So I have to say this right up front. Uh…this
is not a bad game. In fact, it’s a really fun game, and I had a lot of…fun, playing
it. Thing is, though…it’s also, probably, one of the most obvious, blatant combinations
of things…I’ve ever played. So much so that, the comparisons I make in this review,
aren’t just comparisons. They are literally combinations of things. It’s like we’re making stew. “Hey, this stew is like you combined beef
stock and carrots.” Uh, no, ‘cause it’s literally beef stock
and carrots. It’s not like that, it is that. And so is
Funk Of Titans. Not the stew, the… It’s a combination of things. Bit salty. So what’s the recipe? Well, I’m betting
some of you already picked up on it. Funk Of Titans, basically, takes design elements
from Donkey Kong Country Returns, and combines them with the general aesthetic of Disney’s
Hercules. And, sprinkles in a bit of Sonic The Hedgehog, to season for taste. And, references
like every movie ever. Boils ‘em in a pot, voila, it’s Funk Of
Titans. And like I said, it’s not subtle about it,
either. I mean, check this out. It does those silhouette levels, and it doesn’t even bother
to change the color… it does the jetpack stuff, and controls exactly the same… I
mean, even the fonts are the same, it’s actually kind of ridiculous. Some of us weren’t happy about this. But like I said, it’s not just Donkey Kong.
It combines Donkey Kong…with lots of aesthetic nods to Disney’s Hercules. Like, this chick
looks almost identical to the singing muses, the banners in the background use a lot of
the same fonts and styles, as well…like, it’s not just that it also happens to be
inspired by Greek mythology. Seems to be inspired by Hercules, too. By the time you start bouncing around with
it’s Sonic and freaking Knuckles, well… Let’s just say the monkey’s not the only
angry mammal. But you know, despite all these unoriginal
things, these…stew, comparisons…it’s really not a terrible game. In fact, it’s
actually a pretty solid runner. In fact, at times, the level design is even kind of awesome.
And there’s some replay value, too—there are three medals to earn in each level, and
there are things you can only find if you have a certain item. Which, by the way, you can buy items. Different
weapons, different outfits…but even those outfits are kind of indicative of this game’s
problems. It’s, like…all the coolest outfits are also taken from other things. Friday the
13th, Star Wars, whatever, it’s like… This game is kind of like that one friend
who just references things all the time. Fun to hang out with, but…not the most original
material, you know? If it sounds like I was harsh on this game,
I want you to know, that’s pretty much how I always sound, about everything. This has
been me liking the game, you can imagine what I sound like when I don’t. But at the same
time, as much as I enjoy even an okay runner, like this…I am contractually obligated to
be honest, and I’ll be honest. This game rips off a lot of things. But at the very least, it rips off good things. Although, to be honest, Hercules kind of came
at the end of the Disney renaissance and was certainly a step down from the recent films
before it, but whatever. The musical numbers were alright, Meg was hot, DK rules, and Funk
Of Titans…is actually a solid runner, on the Wii U. Yes, indeed.