Choosing a Musical Instrument : Folk Guitar Tips

Let’s take a look at a folk guitar. This particular
instrument is a steel string guitar, but the body is classical guitar shaped and sized.
It doesn’t have nylon strings like a standard classical would, and the neck is narrower
as in standard traditional steel strung instruments, so that’s a little easier to play. This instrument
features a high quality gloss finish, a cedar soundboard, abalone inlay, which is the king
of inlay materials for its beauty, a very nice set of tuning machines considered perhaps
the best, and a very beautifully inlayed centered stripe in the back here. The sides of the
guitar and the back of this guitar feature mahogany. This guitar will have a very nice
open tone, it’s a very good sounding instrument, yet it’s affordable for most people looking
for this class of instrument. This is a folk guitar with steel strings, and it’s a very
good intermediate grade instrument.