Choosing a Musical Instrument : Instrument Support Item Tips

Most musical instrument stores will carry
an array of support items for guitars and other instruments such as controls and knobs,
items to lock your strap on your guitar, a wide array of strings in either nylon, steel,
bronze for electric and acoustic and classical guitars, tuning machines if something goes
wrong with the tuning mechanism, pitch pipes, hangers to hang your guitar on the wall so
it’s not easily knocked over and damaged, connecting and mounting things for mounting
strings and pro winders. Also they will carry some additional items that are used as playing
aides. This is a capo, which clamps onto the guitar neck and allows you to play chords
up the neck much easier. And another instrument add-on that’s a very interesting sound is
the glass slide, or brass or steel, that you pull on your finger and you just slide up
and down the guitar neck instead of playing it with your fingers. It’s a very unique sound.
There are a number of others. This is typical of what’s most popular.