Chrome Music Lab – Sound Waves, Arpeggios, Kandinsky, and Melody

hi everyone this is Brad we’re
continuing on looking at the chrome music lab and this time we’re looking at
sound waves and the blue dots are representing air molecules moving back
and forth this sound travels through them if you tap the magnifying glass you
will zoom in and see a right position you’ll trace in the shape on the wave
next we’re gonna look at is our pecheurs so if we go ahead and select arpeggios
we can now go ahead in and this is a chord played one note at a time
any experiment lets you play arpeggios and different patterns the next one we’re gonna look at
Kandinsky and Kandinsky I was an artist who compared painting to making music
trans anything you draw into sound so let’s go ahead and do this okay so kind
of fun last one we’re gonna look after right now is the Melody Maker and this
is just a grid that’s common for creating melodies time moves from left
to right and pitch goes up to down so you have to add the notes and there you have it so that is melody
maker if you have any questions let me know thanks for watching take care bye