Classical Musicians React: ATEEZ ‘Wonderland’

Henry: Nice…. wHaT iS tHIs?!? Umu: So you are now reacting to the eight member boy group ATEEZ and their title track ‘Wonderland’ from their 2019 album called ‘Treasure EP Fin: All to Action’ The song is like a call to arms for young people to conquer their dreams and live life to the fullest the lyrics make references to Peter Pan and Jack Sparrow saying, “spread the wings and start the dream immature forever like Peter” and “Higher than Jack Sparrow, move move, I just hit without hesitation.” The percussion and brass feel like a marching band Giving the group a beat to follow as they march towards the future Isaac: You got a look at the deeper meaning of Peter Pan
Kevin: At World’s End? Isaac: Don’t be a man-child
Kevin: at world’s end? Isaac: That’s the whole story
Kevin: what? no, that’s not the whole story Isaac: Yeah it is Umu: So the song is composed by EDEN, LEEZ, BUDDY, Ollounder and the members hongjoong and Mingi contributed to writing lyrics Brianna: Join with the formation. *laughs* Fiona: He looks like he makes money. Daniel: Oh Fiona: look at this eyebrows! Nick: I love those vocalizations. It’s like very primal. Aron: Yeah,
Nick: the “HU”! Aron: I was gonna say, they sound like dogs. Owen: I feel like a superhero. Elizabeth: I love how it’s just this like crazy juxtaposition of what sounds like a pirate singing song and Like a fucking superhero bass beat like I just love it Cloud: This is very like superhero transformation Henry: TTRERER TI TERRR TI Cloud: Nice Henry: What is this?! Cloud: huuuuwhaaaaaaaat Aron: Oh Shit
Nick: oh now we’re in 12/8. Aron: Yeah
Nick: *sings triplet subdivisions* James: WhoA Ok dissonance Brianna: Braaa bra James: Horn Aron: yeah Aron: Marching band is so cool, guys! Isaac: Sounds like a hiccup breath.
Kevin: Ooh dudu ooh nice! clang clang clang Whoa Aron: The orchestra they use like provides that full texture get like the whole array of sounds. Nick: Oh, that was really cool, the *sings Wooyoung’s part* that part is like uh Three eighth notes against 4/4 time and then they bring it into 12/8 later or earlier. Aron: I Think they’re gonna do again Henry: Yo,
Cloud: that’s so like swaggy we’re like ‘guys, we gotta beat up the bad guy’ but also swaaag Henry: I Love this tempo for this it’s so Cloud: it’s flexible because you can like swag to it but you can also like Henry: DADADADA Aron: I’m living for this marching band Aron: Whoa, let it out. Yess Cloud: Ohhhhhhhh That’s so hype Fiona: That is more double time than I thought it would be Daniel: It doesn’t feel like double time, it’s just that Fiona: every beat is on one, two-
Daniel: the subdivisions are like equally emphasized. Henry: I Love that- like that-
Cloud: I wanna go fight something now Henry: Is that their Logo? Oh H: Man
Cloud: call to action really though. I’m like a little tired because I feel like I’m like Cloud: *gasssssp* LESGO Henry: DODODODODODO Henry: Yeah, that was great
Cloud: triplets are great man Cloud: You just have tri-p-let dun tri-p-let dun Triplet, triplet, triplet and you’re like… it’s just like hitting you in the face Owen: so.. I wrote a pirate musical Umu: WHAT?!
Owen: *laughs* Elizabeth: Would you like to elaborate on that?
Umu: WHHHAT! Owen: Okay uh it was called Get Hooked. It features the protagonist Thelonious and the evil captain Magnus Gale and I did it with a couple friends Junior year and put on the Minnesota Fringe fest and so I spent a lot of time listening to Pirate music in order to write the instrumentals and things to actually make it feel piratey. This this worked It’s it’s very fiery. It works with a lot of things Elizabeth: what makes a piratey in your expert opinion Owen: in my opinion Things feel piratey when 1) you have that one solo violin that works for me 2) Having things in compound meter of some sort definitely feels piratey but there’s also like modern pirate feel versus a Shanty pirate feel because I feel like there’s if you look up on YouTube and you look up ‘epic pirate mix’ You’re gonna find that some cliche but everybody’s like, you know what that is. Yeah. This was definitely an ‘epic pirate mix’ boom boom boom bottom bottom bottom bottom ba do da boom, it’s also minor for some reason because pirates are minor Elizabeth: I was like like so hype to listen to that last time I was just like HUWA Umu: You were tiredd Elizabeth: Oh Yeah, I was very tired. I’m still very tired. But like I got eight hours of sleep. So we’re fine. Um,
Owen: congratulations Elizabeth: Thank I know first time in like a month. Um, I really like when the whole instrumentation is moving in the same rhythm and that happens at the end of the chorus and that’s really effective because not only does it Feel very epic to have all of the backing instruments and all of the vocals moving at the same time But you literally kind of feel it in your chest I think so. It’s very epic when that happens and the use of silence in between That rhythm whenever you have silence in between lots of sound it just like you feel that push and pull really Really intensely. I know I did notice a little bit more how priority it was I mean if you think about like the yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me and Owen: I was thinking yeah Yo, yeah, run them down. do ba do ba do
Elizabeth: Yeah that sort of lilting It’s very lilting. I think and a lot of them
Owen: It feels like it would kind of go Elizabeth: Yeah, a lot of
Owen: in order to keep time with oars or whatever Elizabeth: Yeah, I think I think that’s part of it is it has to be rhythmic? For the work that they’re doing And I think you get that sort of lilting feel and a lot of the melodies for those Kevin: Wow. that was great
Isaac: sounds like bolero Kevin: It’s the triplet drum it’s there but it’s a little far Eb minor – C major, you know, you’re not Isaac: a bit far Kevin: That’s a bit far… they keep on introducing new percussions and higher notes and weird Electronic instruments and that weird drum fill after the first chorus was like, whoa That’s a way to kick it back in a not corny way, you know, I think all of it was really great and yeah that last chorus like the bridge the last chorus felt like this big crescendo and When you think you couldn’t crescendo anymore, it keeps on getting more rich more full but still being like a rather Skeletal banger, you know, it’s not full in a way We’re like, oh now we’re gonna add strings and like, you know make it sound round. No, it does sound very Jagged and angular because it’s an angular song You can see from their moves and everything But it still manages to get fuller and fuller and more and more hard-hitting as it goes on at the end. Isaac: Hmm Daniel: I thought what was really interesting is that they had this like sea-songy motive that was like it was just basically like Scale degrees 1 through 5 in minor and it’s just like, you know and then after the drop It came back again, but then the second iteration they harmonized it in a way that wasn’t just like using those just like the minor I chord tones, but it Kind of went through other harmonic areas, too. I know it’s cool I was because you said this was like a very piratey sort of thing. (Umu: I said- I shouldn’t have said thAT) I was just like Umu: I don’t know. I don’t have my script yet for this Yeah, so basically their theme is like treasure and going on an adventure with their fans
Daniel: interesting Umu: Will you follow us on this journey Daniel: Oh I was like ohhh This is going to be so cute. It’s gonna be like, let’s go on an adventure and I’m like wow, I’m so excited and this guy is like “LET’S GO!” I’m like, oh, it’s like we’re gonna have fun. We’re gonna have FUN
Daniel: YOU SEE ME Daniel: WE’RE GONNA HAVE !!FUN!! *Umu dying in the background*
Daniel: LET’S GO and you’re like Okay. Okay, I’ll follow your equally accented beats, and I’ll just like Fiona: I’ll be your music slave
Daniel: follow along in some kind of like scared giddiness Daniel: you know like- I’m terrified Daniel: Cool very cool Daniel: I didn’t know pirates could be so Scary and Korean and good skin and without scurvy and handsome and attractive. I mean be like, yeah, I think like a little aggressiveis kind of cool. It’s like Daniel: mmm want me to go? want me to go? Okay and they’re like “LET’S GO! Let’s go!” then I’ll be like “I didn’t sign up for this” Daniel: you know what I mean like like This is a kink, you know, and I mean, this is not a lifestyle Dnaiel: HAHA I’M JOKING HAHA DON’T PUT THAT IN THERE Owen: We actually watched the first three seconds before pausing it… you could say it was a tease (ba dum tsh) Elizabeth: Okay